2015 in Photos - #Photo365

For 2015, I decided to attempt the photo365 project I'd previously failed a few years running on, for various reason. This year I managed to complete a full project of 365 photos, one for every day of 2015. I thought this would be a great way to do a quick review of the year, but also share some of my favourite photos of the year. This year saw lots of getting rid, speaking engagements, becoming a published author and trying to find some peace and productivity in a crazy busy world.


25 - declutter and #payitforward #photo365

For 2015 I had a big list of things I wanted to focus on and to start that, January involved a lot of mental, physical, spiritual and digital decluttering, including these (photo) two bags of old clothes for charity as a great starter. January saw the start of my #photo365, the startup of our new non-profit DiverseGeeks, and another year of my #geeksontour along with a wide range of new clients and lots of digital inclusion work.


51 - Fab building for today at Welsh College of Music and Drama @rwcmd #ffaircc2015 #photo365

February saw several hundred miles of travelling for work, including (photo) the Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff to deliver digital skills training and sit on the panel for Cult Cymru on supporting young people into the media industries. February also saw the start of our co-working meetups, attending the Futur Everything conference and my Dad's 70th birthday!


63 - Great time this week with @bbc5live testing music apps #geek #photo365

March was a great month for speaking engagements, including (photo) joining the Afternoon Edition team at BBC Radio5 Live for a few tech reviews this year. In March, the focus was Music Production apps for both iOS and Android. Some, I even went on to use later in the year in some workshops around soundart. March also saw a Feminism and Social Media conference, the start of another round of Digital Skills for Women in Greater Manchester, and a few days in a cabin in the woods with a hot tub with good friends.


101 - Cornflake Mini Egg Cake while setting up the new laptop #photo365

April saw lots of decluttering and weight loss goals reached... even with the odd (photo) cake date in there. We evaluated a large digital inclusion project we've been running over the past 12 months for a housing association, and one of the biggest learnings is cakes and financial savings are the two biggest hooks for digital inclusion in those currently excluded. April also saw an FEU political panel, Blogcamp conference in Birmingham and a smattering of video editing.


149 - exciting new adventure #photo365

May saw new adventures and jumping out of my comfort zone and (photo) straight onto a motorbike! Totally exhilarating and I love learning new things! May also saw speaking at a large national media conference, a weekend in a cool castle, and being invited to the Lancashire County Council's Women of Achievement event for my work at DigiEnable.


157 - Tantra teachings, lots to learn #photo365

June was a soul-searching month and I was lucky enough to be involved in Tatra teaching sessions at the Preston Buddhist Centre. The more I spend with these teachings, the more they resonate with me and my soul. June also saw the Open Tech conference, Sherlock Holmes at the theatre and driving a big white van down to Hampshire.


190 - Connecting globally and online #photo365

July saw us spend a week with the Global Labour Institute's International Conference streaming all their talks and panels for their online audience. Some interesting talks and I even got to talk to the people supporting those workers on the ground in Greece. July also saw some brilliant women in STEM events in London and was super happy to get accepted as one of the Founding 50 of Flock Global.


224 - I'm now a proper published author! I have the book in my hands! Chapter 13 is all mine! So happy! :D #photo365

August saw the final print edition of (photo) this book was printed and released for publication. This was so exciting to be part of and not only being asked to write for, but also for such an awesome topic dear to my heart. Digital Storytelling - Media That Makes a Difference August also saw a Sound Poetry workshop, running Video Production and Editing workshops with a great organisation for young future leaders, Uprising and more weight loss.


273 - Great afternoon running Blogging for your brand with @1xtra Some amazingly inspiring young people #photo365

September was another great month for exciting and different work opportunities, including (photo) running a How To Blog for Your Brand workshops for BBC 1Xtra's Academy for under 25 year olds. Some truly inspiring young people and the buzz was intoxicating. September also saw a new membership to Pink Link a ladies networking group in Bolton, London every week and an interesting trip into Grizedale Forrest for the AND festival.


293 - In the beautiful deep blue sea #photo365

October was stop month. For the first time since starting DigiEnable I was able to take a month off on leave. A blissful month which included two weeks in sunny, and sometimes rainy Halkidiki, Greece (photo). October also included unlimited supplies for cocktails, passing my CBT motobike test and seeing my partner all dolled up in graduation gown and cap in Birmingham.


305 - Kansas City Chiefs at Wembley London #photo365 #nfluk #chiefskingdom

November was a cheery month for my American football team, and just before I got back into work mode I was able to go down to London and watch them win at Wembley. I've never been there before and it almost lives upto the feeling you get when you're in an American Football stadium. November also saw taking up swimming again, joining my first Shakti Moon Womens Circle, two conferences in London and watching Bill Bailey live with his latest tour.


365 - final #photo365 of 2015. So proud I did it!

December saw the completing of my first ever full #photo365 project. It's been really fun to do, and one I'll be carrying into 2016. Some of the photos I've only shared with friends and followers on Flickr, but it's been interesting to learn what I'll share and what I've just kept between my circle. Not that there's been anything risque on there, but that some of the photos do open the door to my life quite wide. December also saw the completion of a series of content marketing workshops for Manchester's Business and Intellectual Property Unit, several speaking engagements including one of Digital Friendships and another on Digital Media at the national Social Media Conference 2015, and a live screening of Haxan: Witchcraft through the ages. All in all, it's been another super busy year, but one I've really engaged with. I'm now running more efficently with my processes and #inboxzero and I've got some more focusses for 2016 I'll share soon. Hope your 2015 was a good as mine. What were your favourite photos of your 2015?