Top Productivity Apps for Working From Home

If you’ve found yourself working from home recently, you’re also probably looking for something to help you keep on track. If you’re coping pretty well with working from home, there’s always a app or two that could help boost your productivity and get more done in less time – yes, it is possible.

So here’s my current setup, I use personally and would highly recommend to other if you’re working from home, working remotely or have  a blended and flexible working environment.


Top 3 Productivity Apps

The productivity process that has made *the* biggest impact on my life has been the Pomodoro Technique, it has helped me cram a 5 days worth of work, into 4 days or a regular basis.

During the Covid lockdown in the UK, this has helped me re-focus, get back on track and get things DONE!

PomoDone App

This app work on most operating systems and smart devices, and links with loads of useful apps via an api. It enables you to set a timer for your Pomodoros (usually 25 minute blocks of time, with 5 minutes break), and you can even setup different tasks you want to work on, you can link it up with to do list and project management apps, and you can event track all these work sessions in your Google Calendar – an absolute productivity combo!


I’ve done my shopping around for a to do list app that works for me. It’s usually no simple task! I love colour-coding, lists, sub-lists and the ability to comment and move around.

Wonderlist as many of you will know has now closed down, so some fo you may have migrated to the Microsoft To Do version. I highly recommend checking out Todoist for you too.

Todoist integrates with lots of other apps, including the PomoDone above, so a great one if you want to reduce time faffing from app to app.


Asana is a fab project management app that works through your browser and most smart devices. It helps you and your teams stay on top of projects, tasks and know who’s doing what and when. It’s easy to set deadlines, milestones and you can see your projects in list, boards or calendar view.

Asana also integrates with other apps like Todoist, Slack, MS Teams and more. Definitely worth taking a look. It’s kept me and my teams more on track, focused and knowing who needs to do what and when for all our processes to run smoothly.


What Productivity Processes Can Do for You

I love being a Productivity Speaker and sharing these sorts of tips at conferences, and seeing people’s eyes and brains light up with the concepts and understanding how much of an impact increasing productivity can make on every other part of your life. It’s even better when feedback months later hears of of people working in their offices together on Pomodoro sprints and have reduced their working days by hours! Love it!

If you’re more productive, you have more time for you and the people and things you love! Get testing these apps now!