Book Review - Dust by Patricia Cornwell

Book Overview

The 21st book in the Scarpetta series, Patricia Cornwell published in 2013, a relatively new addition to collection. I was given the paper version by a friend a few years ago after it was his holiday beach read. I later bought the ebook so it would be easier to carry around rather than the quite thick book - almost matching a Stephen King novel. At the time I didn't realise it was so far into a series with long-standing characters, but the story is easy to follow without any prior knowledge of the series. The story is about a woman who is found dead outside MIT with a unusual "dust" that glows different colours under black light. I thought it was going to have a lot more CSI or Silent Witness feel to it than it actually did. There's a lot of dialouge and context around the personal connections with the key characters and for a stand-alone reader, I found this didn't really mean much to the current story.

Sadly my review seemed quite healthy in comparrison with the vast majority of the reviews online. Series readers were picking a lot of the specifics apart, however as a stand-alone these didn't fire up any warning lights. The story kept it's suspension of disbelief throughout, however I did find myself skipping back pages, asking myself if I'd missed something in the story that was vitally important. Not the easiest flow to read, however if you're into the series, it's a must-read to add more background to the storyline. A first episode of a conituning series of TV if you will.

My Favourite Bits

My favourite bits from the book were some awesome quotes including...
"I fear I've used up my miracles and won't be granted more."
"When what we believe we've mastered is no longer predictable we're not fine."
And there is within this book a good scattering of imagery I love too... "On either side of us are straight rows of peeling birch trees, a scattering of dead leaves clinging to their branches and stick to the wet backdrop."
I love the bit when describing the mobile phone Benton was using as the "most trusted link to truth and justice."
And some real life statements that you might be forgiven for thinking were in a development book... "People fail, everything fails, the magic we're born believing in and working for and then doubting and finally fearing eventually rusts, rots, fades, breaks down, withers, dies and turns to dust, and for me the response is always the same." What would your response be?
I also learnt that elephants are called 'pachyderms' - I love using my E-Reader for the dictionary!

One Line Review

A traditional crime novel with a hint of modern day tech and a behind the scenes look at the police units of Washington DC.

Type of book - ebook
Sourced from - Friends Recommendation
Genre - Ficton / CSI / Crime / Female Lead
Stars out of 5 - 3