Book Review - Percolate by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

One of the aims I wanted to work towards this year, is to read more. For many years people have bought me physical books and I've always put them on the shelves with good intentions, to the point now, unless there is a real reason for buying a physical book I will put it back on the shelf in the shop.
I've also gone through eBook phases and I've had my brilliant Kobo E-Reader for about 5 years. Reading something on a device you can take around anywhere and it doesn't carry the weight of a Steven King novel, is a massive plus point for me.

So for this year I'm going to focus on trying to read a book a month. They will be a combo of work, spiritual and fiction favourites, and will also be from a range of sources - for example this book was borrowed from the local library. Some will also be existing books I own, some I've read before and other that have sat on the shelves gathering dust for years. Life is too short to leave books unread!

Book Stats

Type of book - Smaller than a5, printed book
Sourced from - Library Loan
Genre - Lifestyle / Motivation / Personal Development
Stars out of 5 - 3

Book Overview

Hamilton-Guarino lays out a very easy to read book on making a better you, with short chapters, simple sentence structure, and "coffee breaks".
The "coffee breaks" are guided activities to work on in our "Percolate Journal" which you are advised to start as part of your journey through the book. After each segment there's a pause moment to reflect on your learning and how that works for you.

It's an interesting book to read thoroughly, chapter by chapter, as it builds on subsequent chapters to work on your journal. I selected some of the activities that resounded with me, but have to be honest I did skip a few.
Overall the book is good for those who are at the point of wanting to change your life in some way, if you're not there yet, I think it would be a nice overview of what you could do, but might be a bit hard-going at first.

One thing that does become apparent throughout the book though, is that it's a blatant advert for a different project and in my opinion, mentions it far too many times, almost as if it's a keyword stuffing project for a softback.

However, there area some interesting sections and inspirational words, such as...
"I'm extremely inspired by Book Review : Percolate by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and women who do, as opposed to those who talk about doing".
" In order to make genuine change, you need consistency and discipline, both that come from motivation."

For me, those resonated. Hamilton-Guarino goes onto talk about having your beliefs and thoughts in sync with values real money casinos canada, for example, as simple as wearing clothes that reflect your personality. A big topic for me personally over the years, and a spark of many a debate in the office.

Elizabeth also covers how you deal with stress, finding your peaceful centre, and how to laugh at yourself daily. I wrote a fair few pages of notes which included quotes, interesting concepts and questions to reflect on.

A definite book your need to actively read with a note-taking system.

My Favourite Bits

My favourite quote from the whole book has to be the way the author explains how to have love and affection for those you might otherwise think negatively about...
"Some people just wear cranky pants and they can't figure out how to upgrade to Spongebob boxers"
That made me giggle! For what could have been such a serious book, it was great to read some humour too.
I would also recommend the ways to be tolerant list, the RECREATE anagram (Rest, Exercise, Compassion, Relax, Explore, Affirm, Teach, Enjoy), and the thing about crayons.

One Line Review

An advert heavy, personal development book for progressors, steeped in activities and interesting snippets.