Global Professional Speaker

Liz regularly speaks at events and runs workshops for businesses and third sector organisations, internally and externally. Here is a list of publicly accessible events you can see Liz in action at. 

For more info on her current talk topics, check out the talks page. 


Coming Up Soon...

15th-16th September 2021 - The ES Tech Conference 2021, Online

Keynote Speaker - Top Tech Tips to Boost Your Productivity 


18th Sept 2021 - Therapy Live Business 

Keynote Speaker - Getting More Done In Less Time – Making Productivity a Way of Life 


8th October 2021 - The PA Hub Conference 2021, Liverpool, UK

Keynote Speaker - Why Social Media is a Key Tool for PAs, VAs and EAs 


12th November 2021 - Unique Ladies Bolton, Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK

Education Speaker - ZenForInbox Tips for Busy Business People


17th February 2022 - The Business Network, Central and East Lancashire, UK

Keynote Speaker - Iconic Productivity Processes that WORK 


If you're interested in having Liz speak at your event email 


Past Appearances, Press and Publications

Here's some of the platforms, events and publications Liz has been part of. A list of interviews, articles, publications and press. For more information or to feature Liz in your next thing, email

August 2021 - Adas List Round Table, Online

Host - What next for Digital Inclusion in the new always-connected world? 

July 2021 - Online Co-Working, Online

Facilitator and Online Speaker - Pomodoro Processes for Getting Stuff DONE!

July 2021 - Online Webinar, Online

Keynote Speaker - Productivity for Business Owners

July 2021 - Ada's List Coffee Morning, Online

Keynote Speaker - Reclaim your Time, Energy & Focus with Top Productivity Hacks 

July 2021 Circle of Excellence - Global Marketing Summit, Online

Keynote Speaker - Top Productivity Tips for Running Your Business 

May 2021 - The Business Network, Central Lancashire, UK & Online

Keynote - Making The Msot of Your Video Meetings (Latest Updates on Zoom)

May 2021 - The Badass Career Summit - She Has No Limits, Online

Keynote speaker - Your Second Brain - Creating More Time for YOU  

April 2021 - Bectu Womens Month Event

Panel Host & Moderator - The Women's Equality Committee host: Flexible Working Champions

Including panelists from Bectu Vision's Take Two, Primetime, Parents in Performing Arts (PiPA) and Share My Telly Job

April 2021 - DEEPer Celebration Event

Panel Host & Moderator 

March 2021 - Thrive & Grow Members Private Club

Keynote - Boosting Productivity with Processes and Apps 

March 2021 - Bectu International Womens Day Online Events

Panelist - Empowering Women During Covid and Beyond 

Keynote - Apps for Managing Remote Working Teams 

Jan 2021 - The PA Hub Digital Events, Online

Keynote - Apps for Managing Remote Working Teams 

December 2020 - Virtual Speaking Summit - Virtual Speakers Association International, Global and Online

Keynote - Productivity to Get Stuff Done

December 2020 - UNI MEI Global Women - America & Online

Speaker - Women Working Remotely - In UK and Around The World 

November 2020 - PSA Yorkshire Online

Keynote - ZenForInbox for Stressful Times

November 2020 - Digital Lancashire: Women in Tech, Lancashire, UK & Online

Host - WIT Event 

2019-2020 - Inspire Awards Lead and Judge for the 2020 Inspire Women in IT & Technology Award, Bolton UK & Online

Nominations are now closed, more info at -

October 2020 - The PA Hub Conference, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK (Rescheduled) 

Keynote - Social Media – An Essential part of the PA Toolkit?

October 2020 - The PSA Convention - The Speaking Business Summit 2020 Warwick, UK & Online

Speaker and Workshop Facilitator - Productivity Hacks for Runnning a Better Business 

August 2020 - The Business Network Online, Lancashire, UK & Online

Keynote - How to Keep Productive When Working Remotely 

June 2020 - Lancashire SEO, Lancashire, UK & Online

Speaker - SEO Top Tips for Lockdown 

May 2020 - The Smart Woman Summit, London, UK & Online

Speaker + Interviewee - Entreprenuer Story  

May 2020 - She Is Becoming... Online Collective, Manchester, UK & Online

Speaker + Interviewee - Productvivity When Working From Home 

April 2020 - Digital Lancashire: Women in Tech, Online

Host - Coping with life in Digital

Speaker - Digital Productivity Tips for Working Remotely

April 2020 - Pink Link Ladies Online Masterclass Series

Keynote - Getting the most from Digital Marketing (in challenging times)


April 2020 - The Business Network, Online Seminar

Seminar Keynote - Using Zoom To Keep Your Business Alive 

April 2020 - British Intelelctual and Property Centre (BIPC)

Online Workshop Trainer - Maximising Your Online Presence

March 2020, Manchester Libraries, Manchester, UK

Workshop Lead - 2020 Digital Planning Session

March 2020 - TUC Womens Conference, London, UK

Speaker - Dignity at Work for Freelancers - Celebrating International Womens Day (8th March)

February 2020 - The Future of  Work and Skills : Going Digital Conference, Bristol, UK

Keynote Speaker - Overcoming Barriers to Increase Equality and Diversity in Digital

January 2020 - Digital Lancashire Women in Tech, DWP, Blackpool, Lancashire, UK

Event Host & MC - Digital Storytelling - Impact and Future 

January 2020 - The Business Network, Central and East Lancashire, Stanley House Hotel and Spa, Mellor, Lancashire, UK

Keynote & Workshop Lead - Putting the Romance back into your Online Marketing 

November 2019 - Digital Lancashire Women in Tech, UCLAN, Preston, Lancashire, UK

Panel Host and Moderator - What is Digital?

November 2019 - PSA NW, Lymm, UK

Keynote Speaker -  Boosting your Productivity with Processes and Apps 

November 2019 - The PA Hub, Leeds, UK

Keynote Speaker - Boosting Your Productivity with Proceses and Apps 

November 2019 - The PA Hub, Liverpool, UK

Keynote Speaker - Boosting Your Productivity with Proceses and Apps

November 2019 - Unique Ladies Chorley, Chorley FC, Lancashire, UK

 Speaker - Productivity Tips

November 2019 - The PA Hub, Liverpool, UK

Keynote Speaker - Boosting Your Productivity with Proceses and Apps

October 2019 - UNI Europa Professionals and Managers, Brussels, Belgium

Keynote Speaker - Women in STEM & Unconscious Bias

Ocotber 2019 - UNI MEI Global Womens Working Group, Madrid

Speaker - Gender Bias in Advertising and Branded Business Content

October 2019 - BBC WiSTEM - Media City, Salford, UK

Speaker - Boosting your Productivity with Processes and Apps

September 2019 - Womens Business Network Lancashire

Keynote - Boosting your Business Visibility Online 

August 2019 - UNI Professionals and Managers World Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malasia

Speaker and Panel Host - Women in STEM

August 2019 - The Retail Business Queen VIP Mastermind Group

Keynote - Tips to Engage more customers with Snapchat 

July 2019 - Choose Chorley, Chorley Council's Annual Business Network Event 2019

Panelist - The Year of Digital

Speaking alongside fellow business leaders in the area and CEO of TeenTech, Maggie Philbin OBE 

June 2019 - Festival of Making, Blackburn, Lancashire, UK

Panelist - Women in STEAM 

April 2019 - Online at IT Central Station

Leaderboard Number 1 - Mailchimp

April 2019 - Unique Ladies Bolton, Bolton Football Club (Bolton Whites), Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK

Inspirational Speaker - Tips for Digital Business, and why it matters to connect

April 2019 - Chorley FC Magpies Business Club, Chorley, Lancashire, UK

Keynote Speaker - Top 3 Digital Tips for Business 

March 2019 - PSA Midlands, Birmingham, UK

Keynote Speaker - SEO Made Simple

March 2019 - Womens TUC Conference, TUC, London, UK

Keynote Speaker - Dignity at Work 

March 2019 - Featured Interviewee - Podcast - The Human Factor - Jenny Radcliffe, Online

Featured Interviewee 

Feb 2019 - DigiEnable Podcast Relaunch 2019


Feb 2019 - Hive Digital Event - Blackburn, Lancashire, UK

Panel Chair and Host

Jan 2019 - The Life Expo, Concorde, Manchester, UK

Keynote Speaker - Give Your Website some TLC & Increase Your Sales

Jan 2019 - UNI Global Conference, Google Labs, Copehagen, Denmark

Keynote Speaker - Future World of Work in Technology - How can workers thrive in the current learning system

Dec 2018 - BBC Radio Lancashire, FM and Online

Interviewee - TechWomen100 Awards 

Dec 2018 - WeAreTechWomen Awards

Award Winner - TechWomen100 Award

Dec 2018 - BC's 301 Female Tech Trailblazers 

Award Winner 

Dec 2018 - PSA's Annual Awards

Award Winner - Regional Speaker of the Year (North West)

Nov 2018 - Lancashire SEO Meetup, Chorley, Lancashire, UK 

Nov 2018 - The Business Network, Preston, Lancashire, UK

Business Speaker - Optimising your Website in your Coffee Break

Nov 2018 - Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire), Preston, UK

Keynote Speaker - Social Listening for Businesses 

Nov 2018 - Blackburn College, Blackburn, UK

Business Speaker - Digital Sector and Digital Businesses - Global Entrepreneurship Week 

Nov 2018 - Women In Tech North UK, Code, Manchester, UK

Speaker - Rebooting the Women In Tech Movement

Oct 2018 - 1 Million Women in STEM

Featured in "THE FIRST 15" list alongside some awesome houshold names! 


Oct 2018 - Voice Magazine, Online + Distrbution 

Guest Writer - Top 3 Tips for Bosting Productvity

October 2018 - Lancashire SEO Meetup, Chorley, Lancashire, UK

Sept 2018 - Speaker Express, London, UK and Online

Featured Speaker - In The Spotlight

Sept 2018 - BBC WiSTEM, Media City UK, Salford, UK

Keynote Speaker - Boosting Your Online Visibility in your Coffee Break

Sept 2018 - PLASA Show, National Hall, London Olympia, London, UK

Business Speaker - Website Optimisation in your Coffee Break
Business Speaker - Time Management Hacks to get more out of your Working Week

Sept 2018 - TUC Congress, Manchester Central, Manchester, UK

Speaker - Regional Production Guidance and Ofcom Review

Aug 2018 - Speaker Express Club Night, Runway East, London, UK

Keynote Speaker - How to get High Quality Leads from your Website

July 2018 - eSpeakers, Online

Featured Speaker

June 2018 - General Assembly, London, UK

Speaker - Productivity in the Age of Distraction 

June 2018 - Women in Tech North, Manchester, UK

June 2018 - DL:Women, Digital Lancashire, Chorley, Lancashire, UK

MC and Panel Chair 

June 2018 - Barclays Eagle Labs and Women In Tech North, Media City, Salford, UK

Panelist - Women In AI (Artificial Intelligence)

June 2018 - UNI Global Conferences, ACC Echo Arena, Liverpool, UK

Delegate - UNI Global Womens Conference and UNI Global World Congress

Speaker - The Future World of Work, AI and Digital Incusion Training for All 

June 2018 - Prospect Annual National Conference, ICC (International Convention Centre), Birmingham, UK

Panellist - Engineering Gender Diversity - Women in Engineering

Alongside MP Chi Onwurah and Institute of Physics

April 2018 - Creative and Cultural skills Conference, Salford, UK

Speaker - Productivity with Processes and Apps

April 2018 - The Business Network, Lancashire, UK

Speaker - Why SEO is now even more important for your Business

April 2018 - Unique Ladies, Manchester, UK

Speaker - Top Tips for SEO 

March 2018 - UNI-MEI Womens Conference (Media, Entertainment and Arts Global Union), Madrid, Spain
Representing BECTU National Womens Committee as Chair

March 2018 - The Professional Speaker Association, NW, UK

Workshop Lead - Maximisng Your Online Presence

Speaker -  SEO made simple – The Key to Being Found Online

March 2018 - Code First: Girls - Northern Conference, Manchester, UK

Tech Industry Opening Keynote Panel: Machine Learning

Panelist - Machine Learning in SEO Lancashire and Digital Marketing

February 2018 - #WITPledge - Women In Tech North, Manchester, UK

Chair / Moderator - Barriers and Successes for Women In Tech

Feb 2018, Voice, Institute of Internal Communications, Magazine Print Version, UK and Online 

Ask an Expert - How to Manage My Inbox

Feb 2018, Lancashire Post, Local Press, Lancashire, UK and Online 

Feb 2018, DigiEnable's 5th Birthday - Local Press and Online

DigiEnable's 5th Birthday Celebrations with Charity event and famous Cartoonist Tony Husband

Feb 2018, The Future Assist Conference 2018, London, UK

Speaker - Processes and Apps to Boost Your Productivity 

Jan 2018, Business Cloud, National, UK - Magazine and Online Publication

Featured Founder - 101 Female Tech Founders

November 2017, Make Your Mark, Media City UK, Greater Manchester, UK

Speaker - Shine Online - Self Promotion Online 

November 2017, Barton Grange Hotel, Preston, Lancashire, UK

Speaker - SEO Generating New Business, Even When the Office is Shut

October 2017, NextTechGirls, Online

Female Tech Role Model

October 2017, Business Cloud, National, UK

Shortlisted - 101 Female Tech Founders

September 2017, North West Enterprise Awards 2017, UK

Winner - Best Digital Marketing Training Povider 2017

24th Sept @ 4pm, 28th Sept @ 11am, and 30th Sept @ 4pm 2017, "A Different Kind of Woman" programme, MyTV, Sky Channel 203, UK

TV Feature Interviewee - Representation of Women in Gaming  (Full Programme) 

Sept 2017, Women in Tech North, Manchester, UK

Speaker - Increasing Resilience - Apps to Reduce Stress and Refocus 

Sept 2017, PLASA 2017 - London Olympia, London, UK

Speaker - 11.45am - Conversations not Broadcast: build better relationships with clients/customers on social media

Speaker - 2.30pm - Boost your productivity with processes and apps 

Sept 2017, Digital Leaders Cyber Resilience Week - Rise and Grind, Preston, Lancashire, UK

Speaker - Cyber Resilience, Your Business and Your Staff 

July 2017, The Business Network, Stanley House Hotel & Spa, Lancashire, UK

Speaker - Mentee Expierence and how Orvia helped DigiEnable 

July 2017, Chorley FM, Chorley, Lancashire, UK

Radio Interviewee - SEO (Search Engine Optimistation) and tips for local business owners

June 2017, North Wales Freelance and Independants, Galeri Caernarfon, Caernarfon, Wales, UK

Speaker - Online Strategies for your Professional Brand 

June 2017, Pink Link Ladies Network, Bolton, UK

Speaker - Top tips for On-Site SEO

June 2017, Springboard Consultancy, Nottingham, UK

Speaker - Springboard Success (Womens Development Programme) 

May-June, 2017, Lancashire Business View, Paper and Online Publication

Panelist - Digital Business and Productivity

May 2017, CIM Level 6 Marketing Programme, Blackburn College, Blackburn, Lancashire, UK

Speaker - Delivering Success with SEO 

May 2017, PLASA Focus, Leeds, UK

Speaker - Self Marketing for Success

May 2017, Prospect, BECTU Sector RPD Conference, Brighton, UK

Speaker - Online Strategies for Your Professional Brand

April 2017 - Professional Speakers Association NW, NW, UK
Speaker - Inbox Zero 101

April 2017 - Delphinium Business Coaching, Online, UK
Guest Blogger - Top 5 Tips to Boost Your SEO

March 2017 - The Backstage Professional Development Conference, Barbican Centre, London, UK
Speaker - Self Promotion for Freelancers and Professionals 

March 2017 - National Womens TUC Conference, London, UK

Speaker - Online Bullying of Female Journalists and Personalities Online

Jan - March 2017 - Red Rose Awards, Lancashire, UK
Independant Judge - Digital Agency Awards 

December 2016 - The Social Media Conference 2016, Manchester, UK
Speaker and Workshop Lead - Boosting Your Brand With Visual Marketing

Nov 2016 - Warrington Digital, Warrington, UK
Speaker - How to Grow your Visibility in the Digital sector, the Awesome way

November 2016 - Institute of Fundraising NW Conference, Chester, UK
Speaker - Top 10 Tips for Online Presence for your Organisation

October 2016 - UNI-MEI Womens Conference (Media, Entertainment and Arts Global Union), Edinburgh, UK
Representing BECTU National Womens Committee as Chair

October 2016 - UNI Youth World Conference, Cape Town, South Africa
Representing BECTU National Young Members as Vice-Chair

October 2016 - Women In Tech North, Manchester, UK
Speaker - Boost Your Productivity – Processes and apps to create a better work/life balance

September 2016 - The Manchester Code Launch, Manchester, UK
Panelist - Digital Creative Sector Debate

August 2016 - Online
Women In Tech Speaker - Founders
Featured Speaker - 111 UK Women In Tech Speakers

31st August 2016 - Flock Global, London, UK
Speaker and Workshop Lead - Boost Your Productivity – Processes and apps to create a better work/life balance

July 2016 - Digital Leaders 100 Club, House of Commons, London, UK
Digital Leaders 100 Club Finalist Alumni

July 2016 - Founders 4 Schools, UK
Speaker - Entrepreneurship
Tauheedul Islam Girls' High School, Blackburn, UK

June 2016 - Pink Link Ladies, Bolton, UK
Peer Member Presentation

June 2016 - Women In Tech, Nottingham, UK
Speaker and Workshop Lead - Boost Your Productivity: Processes and apps to create a better work/life balance

May 2016 - Media City Expo, Salford, UK
Panelist - Digital Debate

May 2016 - Downtown In Business, Preston, UK
Guest - Digital Round Table (Lancashire)

April 2016 - Site Launch of Badass Living, Online
Guest Blogger - Five Things Everyone Should Know Before Starting A Company

April 2016 - Startup2SME, Manchester, UK
Speaker and Workshop Lead - Productivity/SEO

March 2016 - Digital Leaders NW, Manchester, UK
Speaker - What is a Digital Leader Anyway?

Featured Article - TechSoup Global

March 2016 - Blackpool Digital Expo 2016, Blackpool, UK
Industry Expert - Digital Debate

March 2016 - International Women's Day, PinkLinkLadies, Lancashire, UK
Presentational - Digital Skills and Online Services

March 2016 - TUC Women's National Conference, London, UK

March 2016 - Opening of the Stock Exchange and European Women in Technology Event, London, UK
Fouders4Schools Invited Speaker

February 2016 - Inspiration and Projects Meetup, DiverseGeeks, Preston, UK
Keynote - Being Diverse and Geeky
Lightening Talk - Apps and Productivity

January 2016 - Northern Lights, Preston, UK
Speaker - Lightening Talks

January 2016 - BBC Wales, Wales, UK
Workshop Lead - Social Media for Creative Freelancers

December 2015 - Social Media Conference, Manchester, UK
Workshop Lead - Digital media to boost your Online Engagement
Panelist - Social Media Fireside Chat

November 2015 - Economic and Social Research Council's Festival of Social Science, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), Manchester, UK
Panelist - Are You Really My Friend? Exploring Digital Relationships

September 2015 - BBC Radio 1Xtra Academy, Bradford, UK
Workshop Lead - Blogging for your brand workshop

August 2015 - Creative Education, Teaching and Learning, Palgrave MacMillan Publications, UK 
Featured Writer - Digital Storytelling: Media That Makes a Difference

August 2015 - Stop Talking Start Doing, Manchester UK 
Speaker - Digital Inclusion and why it Matters

June 2015 - IT Central Station, UK and International
Featured Writer - Mailchimp Review

May 2015 - BBC Radio5Live, National UK
Radio Panelist - Tech Tester for TheVamp

May 2015 - Morning Star Newspaper, National, UK
Quoted - Morning Star Article

May 2015 - BECTU Annual Conference, Eastbourne, UK
Speaker - Runners Charter, Community Media Links

May 2015 - Lancashire County Council, Preston, UK
Awards - Women of Achievement Event

April 2015 - Eventbrite UK, UK and International
Featured Writer - Event Horror Stories and Solutions

April 2015 - Preston Hospital Radio, Preston, UK
Radio Interview - Training the Community

March 2015 - BBC North, Media City, UK
Advisor - Move On Up Event
Conference for BME, hosted by Craig Rowe

March 2015 - Founders 4 Schools, UK
Panelist - Entrepreneurship and Founding your business
Parklands High School, Chorley, UK

March 2015 - BBC Radio5Live, Salford, UK
Radio Panelist - Tech Tester for Music Making Apps

February 2015 - Digital Skills Conference, Manchester Digital, Manchester, UK
Panelist - "Are we Equal Yet?"
Other panelists included Liz Clark, Dream Agility, Diana Erskine and Simon Wharton

February 2015 - BBC Wales, Wales, UK
Workshop Lead - Social Media for Creative Freelancers

February 2015 - Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff, Wales, UK
Panelist - Getting into the Media Industry

November 2014 - Soon Is Now - Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), Manchester, UK
Panelist - InfoComms

November 2014 - Really Useful Days for Authorities, Department for Communities and Local Government Local Digital Campaign, Macclesfield, UK
Keynote - Planning your Social Media Strategy 

November 2014 - Digital Leaders NW - Macclesfield, UK
Panelist - Digital Inclusion

October 2014 - IATSE Young Workers Conference, Portland, USA
Talk - Unions in the UK for under 35's

Sept 2014 - Stage Screen and Radio, National UK
Online and Newspaper Article - Being active in BECTU

July 2014 - UNI Europa Youth Seminar, Athens, Greece
Speaker - UK unions and EU Brussels trip

July 2014 - Digital Leaders 100 2014, National UK
Awards - 29th in the 100, 2nd in SME Categories

July 2014 - Press Linux Voice Magazine, National, UK
Online and Magazine Article - Girls, Geeks and Crowdsourced Cake

June 2014 - d2Digital, Manchester, UK
Guest Blogger - Are Barcamps and Unconferences Still Relevant in 2014?

June 2014 - Lancashire Evening Post, Preston, UK
Online and Newspaper Article - Digital Leaders 100 Awards

March 2014 - BECTU Young Workers Week, London, UK
Workshop Lead - Social Media for Activists

March 2014 - Regus Connect, National UK
Online Interview - Enterprise and Co-Working

February 2014 - Broadcast Video Expo (BVE), London, UK
Panelist - How to be a productive freelancer

January 2014 - Federation of Holistic Therapists, Leigh, UK
Speaker - Social Media for Therapists Talk

Dec 2013 - Freelancing Matters, National, UK
Online Interview - Making Social, Work

Dec 2013 - Lancashire Evening Post, Preston, UK
Online and Newspaper Article - Support for Business Women in Lancashire

Nov 2013 - Social Media for Women Conference 2013, Lancashire, UK
Founder and Organiser
Workshop Lead - Digital Media to Make a Difference
Workshop Lead - Get LinkedIn or Get Left Out

Nov 2013 - BBC Radio Lancashire, Blackburn, UK
Radio Interview - Organising the SM4W13 Conference 

October 2013 - Connect-Transmit Conference, Manchester, UK

Panelist - Community Radio and it's Impact

October 2013 - Professional Lighting and Sound Associations (PLASA), London, UK
Panelist - BECTU and Freelancers in Media

October 2013 - LadyFest Preston, Preston, UK
Panelist - The Future is Feminine
Other panelists included Rachel Elnaugh, Dale Stafford, Karren Hands, Lisa Gibson and Caroline Hampson

Sept 2013 - Preston FM, Preston, UK
Radio Interview - Organising the SM4W13 Conference

Sept 2013 - Manchester Girl Geek Dinners, TechHub, Manchester, UK
Speaker - Female Tech Startups

Sept 2013 - d2Digital, Manchester, UK
Guest Blogger - Showcasing Diversity in Technology

Aug 2013 - BVE, London, UK
Video Interview - Being a freelance BECTU member

May 2013 - Preston Social, Preston, UK
Speaker - Geeks Not Gender

May 2013 - South Ribble Big Doo, Leyland, Lancashire, UK
Keynote - Digital and Social Media for Businesses

March 2013 - InfoLab21, Lancaster, UK
Guest Blogger - Building Communities with Digital Technologies

Oct 2012 - IATSE Young Workers Conference, Philadelphia, USA
Panelist - Young Members in the UK

July 2012 - SoundWomen, Bristol, UK
Guest Blogger - 10 Years in Community Radio & Inspiring Women

June 2012 - Community Media Association Conference, Bath, UK
Speaker - Hyperlocal is dead, Social-Local-Mobile is In!

Feb 2012 - Enabol2012, Bolton, UK
Speaker - Engaging and Effective Online Promotion

Feb 2012 - SocialXchange, So-Mo, Liverpool, UK
Workshop Lead - Social in the Digital Age

Feb 2012 - Inspiring Women's Enterprise in TV, Media City, Salford UK
Speaker - How Persistence Paid Off

Jan 2012 - The UKRC (UK Resource Centre for Women), Bradford, UK
Guest Blogger - How hard work, persistence, passion and determination pays off

Nov 2011 - SoVolTech, Blackpool, UK
Speaker - Communities and Tech Groups

Sept 2011 - BBC North, Media City, Salford, UK
Panelist - Women in Technology Networking Event

Sept 2011 - Blackpool Geekup, Blackpool, UK
Speaker - Introduction to Soundtoys

May 2011 - Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK
Guest Blogger - FutureEverything at Cornerhouse