International Women's Day 2016 - Opening the London Stock Exchange and Standing up for Women's Rights

International Women's Day takes place each year to celebrate Women and their achievements. Over the past 10 years I've been involved with special days of broadcasting with female-focused content, celebration events and marches against the gender wage gap. 2016 is no exception, even though IWD2016 is technically only March 8th, which this year is on a Wednesday and the theme is #pledgeforparity This week I did three super awesome things, North and South UK, and I wanted to share these with you, in the hope that somehow it inspires you to support the IWD2016 cause and what it stands for too. It might only be one day, but the cause is ever-running and needs your support. So here's a run down of the three awesome events I was at this week.

Pink Link Ladies Event, Lancashire

On Tuesday I ran a stand and talking to other women about their digital strategies, online presence and super useful processes like Inbox Zero.

TUC Women's National Conference, London

I was in London on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week at the TUC's (Trade Union Council) Women's Conference, which happens yearly around this time, and covers topics from correct PPE clothing for female workers to supporting women in flexible working conditions - did you know most female fire fighters are expected to wear ill-fitting safety clothing made for mens' bodies, while saving people from burning buildings? - bit scary huh? But, still not classed as a legal or employees terms and conditions.

London Stock Exchange - European Women in Technology Event, London

It was so awesome to have been invited to open of the London Stock exchange on Friday to celebrate not only International Women's Day, but also inspirational European Women in Technology. A big thanks to Sherry Coutu CBE for inviting me. Excited, was a total understatement!!

Support International Women's Day by pledging your support

I'm so proud to know some amazing, inspiring and awesome ladies. Recently some of my lovely female friends have decided to up sticks and leave their jobs, relocate, start their new businesses, get awesome jobs with women's projects at the UN in NYC and more. The one think these brilliant women all have in common, their drive to never give up, even when things get tough. If I could share one thing with other women, of any age, it's that the most important thing is to believe in yourself, and don't listen to those haters! You have one life, and it's way too short already to do things you don't want to do, so grasp it by the heart and do what you love, where your spirit takes you, and where your beliefs lie. Hopefully you'll agree supporting parity is a big part of that process.