Greetings! First off, I just want to say a big thank you for coming to my website and looking around! I love being able to connect with people and support, help and hopefully inspire others. I have lots of passions and always get asked how I fit everything in around my business, the answer is simple – Balance! That features a lot in the talks I give at conferences and the blogs and content I write online.


The blog categories on this website, I’ve picked specifically to not only make it easier for you to read content you’re hopefully interested in, but also to give you a feel for who I am and what my loves are.


Balance – This, for me, is key to everything I do. If you have balance, you can conquer the world… or whatever goals you set yourself. Burning the candle at both ends, doesn’t work (trust me!) and eventually you’ll either burn out, or your work/business will take the hit. Having time to step away, pause, refocus and reboot (do you see the geeky bit there?!) gives you a much needed boost of motivation, self awareness, positivity and energy. And for those of you who just said out loud (or in your heads) “yeah right, I don’t have time to pause”, you my love, need it the most. If you take the time out, rather than driving on through regardless, (probably by now not at 110% of your best), you’ll not be as positive or productive as if you stop, think and reaffirm your goals. Do it! Do it now! Investing in you, is investing in your business/career.

I also share my experiences of being a Spiritual Practitioner - I’m currently a student on the Foundation Programme with the International Kadampa Buddhist Union, The New Kadampa Tradition – a strand of Modern Buddhism with study and meditation centres across the globe. It’s very exciting (if a little scary) but I’m loving learning new ways of thinking, deepening my meditation practice and realising what real happiness is.


Productivity – I’ve mentioned it a few times already – sorry, not sorry. I am a total productivity convert. Long gone are the days where I thought multi-tasking was the only way to GSD (Get sh*t Stuff Done). In 2015 I started reading lots of books and blogs around productivity after an event I went to and got my first taste of Pomodoro. It REVOLUTIONISED my life – not kidding! Pomodoro is a simple technique of working single focused for 25 minutes, then taking a 5 minute break, then doing this 3 times before taking a longer break. Having a timed deadline of the 25 minutes to work to, helps me focus on the task in hand, and becomes a mini game each day I’ve got really addicted to – read that as, being super productive most days. This means I get more focused work done in a shorter time, because I spend less time procrastination. That and many other processes I learn along the way, I’ll share with you on here.


Reviews – Previously working in broadcasting, I have a love for all things video and film related, so I watch a LOT of Netflix and Horror Films. You’ll find some reviews on my favourites along with some books I’ve found helpful I want you to know about!


Travel – I love travelling and always find it exciting to share tips and favourite places with others. I’ve had some amazing opportunities to go to conferences around the globe and I love to share how I manage to fit some sight-seeing and enjoying the area into a short space of time. Micro adventures is totally my thing!


Unions – Another big passion of mine, that links with my beliefs of equality, and my soul. In 2012 I joined my first union. Up till then, I had very little connection with them. Since then I’ve had some amazing opportunities, gone travelling across the globe talking about international trade union issues and now have some amazing roles on different committees. The ethos of a union is supporting each other – not necessarily a politics alliance, and I LOVE the people I meet through them, they are some of the most inspiring people I’ve met. They normally prompt me to write on here!


Women In Tech – I’ve been talking at events around Women In Tech since 2011. I’m not just someone who pays lip-service to the theme, I back it up with actions! I regularly support, run, and speak at events to promote Diversity in Technology and help break down the barriers to Digital Inclusion. I hope that being a visible Woman In Tech, inspires others to stand up and share their knowledge and experience too!


If you’d like to get in touch with me, I’d love to hear from you! Click the “Contact” or “Connect” links in the menu above or email me at