Professional Speaker & Writer

Liz regularly speaks at events and runs workshops for businesses and third sector organisations, internally and externally. Here is a list of publicly accessible events you can see Liz in action at. 

For more info on her current talk topics, check out the Looking for a speaker? page. 


Coming Up Soon...


18th November 2020 - Digital Lancashire: Women in Tech 

Host - WIT Event 


21st November 2020 - PSA Yorkshire Online

Keynote - InbozZero 


Dec 2020 - Virtual Speaking Summit - Virtual Speakers Association International 

Keynote - Productivity to Get Stuff Done


2019-2020 - Inspire Awards Lead and Judge for the 2020 Inspire Women in IT & Technology Award

Nominations are now closed, more info at -


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Past Appearances, Press and Publications

Here's some of the platforms, events and publications Liz has been part of. A list of interviews, articles, publications and press. For more information or to feature Liz in your next thing, email

October 2020 - The PA Hub Conference, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK (Rescheduled) 

Keynote - Social Media – An Essential part of the PA Toolkit?

October 2020 - The PSA Convention - The Speaking Business Summit 2020

Speaker and Workshop Facilitator - Productivity Hacks for Runnning a Better Business 

August 2020 - The Business Network Online

Keynote - How to Keep Productive When Working Remotely 

June 2020 - Lancashire SEO

Speaker - SEO Top Tips for Lockdown 

May 2020 - The Smart Woman Summit

Speaker + Interviewee - Entreprenuer Story  

May 2020 - She Is Becoming... Online Collective

Speaker + Interviewee - Productvivity When Working From Home 

April 2020 - Digital Lancashire: Women in Tech, Online

Host - Coping with life in Digital

Speaker - Digital Productivity Tips for Working Remotely

April 2020 - Pink Link Ladies Online Masterclass Series

Keynote - Getting the most from Digital Marketing (in challenging times)


April 2020 - The Business Network, Online Seminar

Seminar Keynote - Using Zoom To Keep Your Business Alive 

April 2020 - British Intelelctual and Property Centre (BIPC)

Online Workshop Trainer - Maximising Your Online Presence

March 2020, Manchester Libraries, Manchester, UK

Workshop Lead - 2020 Digital Planning Session

March 2020 - TUC Womens Conference, London, UK

Speaker - Dignity at Work for Freelancers - Celebrating International Womens Day (8th March)

February 2020 - The Future of  Work and Skills : Going Digital Conference, Bristol, UK

Keynote Speaker - Overcoming Barriers to Increase Equality and Diversity in Digital

January 2020 - Digital Lancashire Women in Tech, DWP, Blackpool, Lancashire, UK

Event Host & MC - Digital Storytelling - Impact and Future 

January 2020 - The Business Network, Central and East Lancashire, Stanley House Hotel and Spa, Mellor, Lancashire, UK

Keynote & Workshop Lead - Putting the Romance back into your Online Marketing 

November 2019 - Digital Lancashire Women in Tech, UCLAN, Preston, Lancashire, UK

Panel Host and Moderator - What is Digital?

November 2019 - PSA NW, Lymm, UK

Keynote Speaker -  Boosting your Productivity with Processes and Apps 

November 2019 - The PA Hub, Leeds, UK

Keynote Speaker - Boosting Your Productivity with Proceses and Apps 

November 2019 - The PA Hub, Liverpool, UK

Keynote Speaker - Boosting Your Productivity with Proceses and Apps

November 2019 - Unique Ladies Chorley, Chorley FC, Lancashire, UK

 Speaker - Productivity Tips

November 2019 - The PA Hub, Liverpool, UK

Keynote Speaker - Boosting Your Productivity with Proceses and Apps

October 2019 - UNI Europa Professionals and Managers, Brussels, Belgium

Keynote Speaker - Women in STEM & Unconscious Bias

Ocotber 2019 - UNI MEI Global Womens Working Group, Madrid

Speaker - Gender Bias in Advertising and Branded Business Content

October 2019 - BBC WiSTEM - Media City, Salford, UK

Speaker - Boosting your Productivity with Processes and Apps

September 2019 - Womens Business Network Lancashire

Keynote - Boosting your Business Visibility Online 

August 2019 - UNI Professionals and Managers World Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malasia

Speaker and Panel Host - Women in STEM

August 2019 - The Retail Business Queen VIP Mastermind Group

Keynote - Tips to Engage more customers with Snapchat 

July 2019 - Choose Chorley, Chorley Council's Annual Business Network Event 2019

Panelist - The Year of Digital

Speaking alongside fellow business leaders in the area and CEO of TeenTech, Maggie Philbin OBE 

June 2019 - Festival of Making, Blackburn, Lancashire, UK

Panelist - Women in STEAM 

April 2019 - Online at IT Central Station

Leaderboard Number 1 - Mailchimp

April 2019 - Unique Ladies Bolton, Bolton Football Club (Bolton Whites), Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK

Inspirational Speaker - Tips for Digital Business, and why it matters to connect

April 2019 - Chorley FC Magpies Business Club, Chorley, Lancashire, UK

Keynote Speaker - Top 3 Digital Tips for Business 

March 2019 - PSA Midlands, Birmingham, UK

Keynote Speaker - SEO Made Simple

March 2019 - Womens TUC Conference, TUC, London, UK

Keynote Speaker - Dignity at Work 

March 2019 - Featured Interviewee - Podcast - The Human Factor - Jenny Radcliffe, Online

Featured Interviewee 

Feb 2019 - DigiEnable Podcast Relaunch 2019


Feb 2019 - Hive Digital Event - Blackburn, Lancashire, UK

Panel Chair and Host

Jan 2019 - The Life Expo, Concorde, Manchester, UK

Keynote Speaker - Give Your Website some TLC & Increase Your Sales

Jan 2019 - UNI Global Conference, Google Labs, Copehagen, Denmark

Keynote Speaker - Future World of Work in Technology - How can workers thrive in the current learning system

Dec 2018 - BBC Radio Lancashire, FM and Online

Interviewee - TechWomen100 Awards 

Dec 2018 - WeAreTechWomen Awards

Award Winner - TechWomen100 Award

Dec 2018 - BC's 301 Female Tech Trailblazers 

Award Winner 

Dec 2018 - PSA's Annual Awards

Award Winner - Regional Speaker of the Year (North West)

Nov 2018 - Lancashire SEO Meetup, Chorley, Lancashire, UK 

Nov 2018 - The Business Network, Preston, Lancashire, UK

Business Speaker - Optimising your Website in your Coffee Break

Nov 2018 - Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire), Preston, UK

Keynote Speaker - Social Listening for Businesses 

Nov 2018 - Blackburn College, Blackburn, UK

Business Speaker - Digital Sector and Digital Businesses - Global Entrepreneurship Week 

Nov 2018 - Women In Tech North UK, Code, Manchester, UK

Speaker - Rebooting the Women In Tech Movement

Oct 2018 - 1 Million Women in STEM

Featured in "THE FIRST 15" list alongside some awesome houshold names! 


Oct 2018 - Voice Magazine, Online + Distrbution 

Guest Writer - Top 3 Tips for Bosting Productvity

October 2018 - Lancashire SEO Meetup, Chorley, Lancashire, UK

Sept 2018 - Speaker Express, London, UK and Online

Featured Speaker - In The Spotlight

Sept 2018 - BBC WiSTEM, Media City UK, Salford, UK

Keynote Speaker - Boosting Your Online Visibility in your Coffee Break

Sept 2018 - PLASA Show, National Hall, London Olympia, London, UK

Business Speaker - Website Optimisation in your Coffee Break
Business Speaker - Time Management Hacks to get more out of your Working Week

Sept 2018 - TUC Congress, Manchester Central, Manchester, UK

Speaker - Regional Production Guidance and Ofcom Review

Aug 2018 - Speaker Express Club Night, Runway East, London, UK

Keynote Speaker - How to get High Quality Leads from your Website

July 2018 - eSpeakers, Online

Featured Speaker

June 2018 - General Assembly, London, UK

Speaker - Productivity in the Age of Distraction 

June 2018 - Women in Tech North, Manchester, UK

June 2018 - DL:Women, Digital Lancashire, Chorley, Lancashire, UK

MC and Panel Chair 

June 2018 - Barclays Eagle Labs and Women In Tech North, Media City, Salford, UK

Panelist - Women In AI (Artificial Intelligence)

June 2018 - UNI Global Conferences, ACC Echo Arena, Liverpool, UK

Delegate - UNI Global Womens Conference and UNI Global World Congress

Speaker - The Future World of Work, AI and Digital Incusion Training for All 

June 2018 - Prospect Annual National Conference, ICC (International Convention Centre), Birmingham, UK

Panellist - Engineering Gender Diversity - Women in Engineering

Alongside MP Chi Onwurah and Institute of Physics

April 2018 - Creative and Cultural skills Conference, Salford, UK

Speaker - Productivity with Processes and Apps

April 2018 - The Business Network, Lancashire, UK

Speaker - Why SEO is now even more important for your Business

April 2018 - Unique Ladies, Manchester, UK

Speaker - Top Tips for SEO 

March 2018 - UNI-MEI Womens Conference (Media, Entertainment and Arts Global Union), Madrid, Spain
Representing BECTU National Womens Committee as Chair

March 2018 - The Professional Speaker Association, NW, UK

Workshop Lead - Maximisng Your Online Presence

Speaker -  SEO made simple – The Key to Being Found Online

March 2018 - Code First: Girls - Northern Conference, Manchester, UK

Tech Industry Opening Keynote Panel: Machine Learning

Panelist - Machine Learning in SEO Lancashire and Digital Marketing

February 2018 - #WITPledge - Women In Tech North, Manchester, UK

Chair / Moderator - Barriers and Successes for Women In Tech

Feb 2018, Voice, Institute of Internal Communications, Magazine Print Version, UK and Online 

Ask an Expert - How to Manage My Inbox

Feb 2018, Lancashire Post, Local Press, Lancashire, UK and Online 

Feb 2018, DigiEnable's 5th Birthday - Local Press and Online

DigiEnable's 5th Birthday Celebrations with Charity event and famous Cartoonist Tony Husband

Feb 2018, The Future Assist Conference 2018, London, UK

Speaker - Processes and Apps to Boost Your Productivity 

Jan 2018, Business Cloud, National, UK - Magazine and Online Publication

Featured Founder - 101 Female Tech Founders

November 2017, Make Your Mark, Media City UK, Greater Manchester, UK

Speaker - Shine Online - Self Promotion Online 

November 2017, Barton Grange Hotel, Preston, Lancashire, UK

Speaker - SEO Generating New Business, Even When the Office is Shut

October 2017, NextTechGirls, Online

Female Tech Role Model

October 2017, Business Cloud, National, UK

Shortlisted - 101 Female Tech Founders

September 2017, North West Enterprise Awards 2017, UK

Winner - Best Digital Marketing Training Povider 2017

24th Sept @ 4pm, 28th Sept @ 11am, and 30th Sept @ 4pm 2017, "A Different Kind of Woman" programme, MyTV, Sky Channel 203, UK

TV Feature Interviewee - Representation of Women in Gaming  (Full Programme) 

Sept 2017, Women in Tech North, Manchester, UK

Speaker - Increasing Resilience - Apps to Reduce Stress and Refocus 

Sept 2017, PLASA 2017 - London Olympia, London, UK

Speaker - 11.45am - Conversations not Broadcast: build better relationships with clients/customers on social media

Speaker - 2.30pm - Boost your productivity with processes and apps 

Sept 2017, Digital Leaders Cyber Resilience Week - Rise and Grind, Preston, Lancashire, UK

Speaker - Cyber Resilience, Your Business and Your Staff 

July 2017, The Business Network, Stanley House Hotel & Spa, Lancashire, UK

Speaker - Mentee Expierence and how Orvia helped DigiEnable 

July 2017, Chorley FM, Chorley, Lancashire, UK

Radio Interviewee - SEO (Search Engine Optimistation) and tips for local business owners

June 2017, North Wales Freelance and Independants, Galeri Caernarfon, Caernarfon, Wales, UK

Speaker - Online Strategies for your Professional Brand 

June 2017, Pink Link Ladies Network, Bolton, UK

Speaker - Top tips for On-Site SEO

June 2017, Springboard Consultancy, Nottingham, UK

Speaker - Springboard Success (Womens Development Programme) 

May-June, 2017, Lancashire Business View, Paper and Online Publication

Panelist - Digital Business and Productivity

May 2017, CIM Level 6 Marketing Programme, Blackburn College, Blackburn, Lancashire, UK

Speaker - Delivering Success with SEO 

May 2017, PLASA Focus, Leeds, UK

Speaker - Self Marketing for Success

May 2017, Prospect, BECTU Sector RPD Conference, Brighton, UK

Speaker - Online Strategies for Your Professional Brand

April 2017 - Professional Speakers Association NW, NW, UK
Speaker - Inbox Zero 101

April 2017 - Delphinium Business Coaching, Online, UK
Guest Blogger - Top 5 Tips to Boost Your SEO

March 2017 - The Backstage Professional Development Conference, Barbican Centre, London, UK
Speaker - Self Promotion for Freelancers and Professionals 

March 2017 - National Womens TUC Conference, London, UK

Speaker - Online Bullying of Female Journalists and Personalities Online

Jan - March 2017 - Red Rose Awards, Lancashire, UK
Independant Judge - Digital Agency Awards 

December 2016 - The Social Media Conference 2016, Manchester, UK
Speaker and Workshop Lead - Boosting Your Brand With Visual Marketing

Nov 2016 - Warrington Digital, Warrington, UK
Speaker - How to Grow your Visibility in the Digital sector, the Awesome way

November 2016 - Institute of Fundraising NW Conference, Chester, UK
Speaker - Top 10 Tips for Online Presence for your Organisation

October 2016 - UNI-MEI Womens Conference (Media, Entertainment and Arts Global Union), Edinburgh, UK
Representing BECTU National Womens Committee as Chair

October 2016 - UNI Youth World Conference, Cape Town, South Africa
Representing BECTU National Young Members as Vice-Chair

October 2016 - Women In Tech North, Manchester, UK
Speaker - Boost Your Productivity – Processes and apps to create a better work/life balance

September 2016 - The Manchester Code Launch, Manchester, UK
Panelist - Digital Creative Sector Debate

August 2016 - Online
Women In Tech Speaker - Founders
Featured Speaker - 111 UK Women In Tech Speakers

31st August 2016 - Flock Global, London, UK
Speaker and Workshop Lead - Boost Your Productivity – Processes and apps to create a better work/life balance

July 2016 - Digital Leaders 100 Club, House of Commons, London, UK
Digital Leaders 100 Club Finalist Alumni

July 2016 - Founders 4 Schools, UK
Speaker - Entrepreneurship
Tauheedul Islam Girls' High School, Blackburn, UK

June 2016 - Pink Link Ladies, Bolton, UK
Peer Member Presentation

June 2016 - Women In Tech, Nottingham, UK
Speaker and Workshop Lead - Boost Your Productivity: Processes and apps to create a better work/life balance

May 2016 - Media City Expo, Salford, UK
Panelist - Digital Debate

May 2016 - Downtown In Business, Preston, UK
Guest - Digital Round Table (Lancashire)

April 2016 - Site Launch of Badass Living, Online
Guest Blogger - Five Things Everyone Should Know Before Starting A Company

April 2016 - Startup2SME, Manchester, UK
Speaker and Workshop Lead - Productivity/SEO

March 2016 - Digital Leaders NW, Manchester, UK
Speaker - What is a Digital Leader Anyway?

Featured Article - TechSoup Global

March 2016 - Blackpool Digital Expo 2016, Blackpool, UK
Industry Expert - Digital Debate

March 2016 - International Women's Day, PinkLinkLadies, Lancashire, UK
Presentational - Digital Skills and Online Services

March 2016 - TUC Women's National Conference, London, UK

March 2016 - Opening of the Stock Exchange and European Women in Technology Event, London, UK
Fouders4Schools Invited Speaker

February 2016 - Inspiration and Projects Meetup, DiverseGeeks, Preston, UK
Keynote - Being Diverse and Geeky
Lightening Talk - Apps and Productivity

January 2016 - Northern Lights, Preston, UK
Speaker - Lightening Talks

January 2016 - BBC Wales, Wales, UK
Workshop Lead - Social Media for Creative Freelancers

December 2015 - Social Media Conference, Manchester, UK
Workshop Lead - Digital media to boost your Online Engagement
Panelist - Social Media Fireside Chat

November 2015 - Economic and Social Research Council's Festival of Social Science, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), Manchester, UK
Panelist - Are You Really My Friend? Exploring Digital Relationships

September 2015 - BBC Radio 1Xtra Academy, Bradford, UK
Workshop Lead - Blogging for your brand workshop

August 2015 - Creative Education, Teaching and Learning, Palgrave MacMillan Publications, UK 
Featured Writer - Digital Storytelling: Media That Makes a Difference

August 2015 - Stop Talking Start Doing, Manchester UK 
Speaker - Digital Inclusion and why it Matters

June 2015 - IT Central Station, UK and International
Featured Writer - Mailchimp Review

May 2015 - BBC Radio5Live, National UK
Radio Panelist - Tech Tester for TheVamp

May 2015 - Morning Star Newspaper, National, UK
Quoted - Morning Star Article

May 2015 - BECTU Annual Conference, Eastbourne, UK
Speaker - Runners Charter, Community Media Links

May 2015 - Lancashire County Council, Preston, UK
Awards - Women of Achievement Event

April 2015 - Eventbrite UK, UK and International
Featured Writer - Event Horror Stories and Solutions

April 2015 - Preston Hospital Radio, Preston, UK
Radio Interview - Training the Community

March 2015 - BBC North, Media City, UK
Advisor - Move On Up Event
Conference for BME, hosted by Craig Rowe

March 2015 - Founders 4 Schools, UK
Panelist - Entrepreneurship and Founding your business
Parklands High School, Chorley, UK

March 2015 - BBC Radio5Live, Salford, UK
Radio Panelist - Tech Tester for Music Making Apps

February 2015 - Digital Skills Conference, Manchester Digital, Manchester, UK
Panelist - "Are we Equal Yet?"
Other panelists included Liz Clark, Dream Agility, Diana Erskine and Simon Wharton

February 2015 - BBC Wales, Wales, UK
Workshop Lead - Social Media for Creative Freelancers

February 2015 - Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff, Wales, UK
Panelist - Getting into the Media Industry

November 2014 - Soon Is Now - Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), Manchester, UK
Panelist - InfoComms

November 2014 - Really Useful Days for Authorities, Department for Communities and Local Government Local Digital Campaign, Macclesfield, UK
Keynote - Planning your Social Media Strategy 

November 2014 - Digital Leaders NW - Macclesfield, UK
Panelist - Digital Inclusion

October 2014 - IATSE Young Workers Conference, Portland, USA
Talk - Unions in the UK for under 35's

Sept 2014 - Stage Screen and Radio, National UK
Online and Newspaper Article - Being active in BECTU

July 2014 - UNI Europa Youth Seminar, Athens, Greece
Speaker - UK unions and EU Brussels trip

July 2014 - Digital Leaders 100 2014, National UK
Awards - 29th in the 100, 2nd in SME Categories

July 2014 - Press Linux Voice Magazine, National, UK
Online and Magazine Article - Girls, Geeks and Crowdsourced Cake

June 2014 - d2Digital, Manchester, UK
Guest Blogger - Are Barcamps and Unconferences Still Relevant in 2014?

June 2014 - Lancashire Evening Post, Preston, UK
Online and Newspaper Article - Digital Leaders 100 Awards

March 2014 - BECTU Young Workers Week, London, UK
Workshop Lead - Social Media for Activists

March 2014 - Regus Connect, National UK
Online Interview - Enterprise and Co-Working

February 2014 - Broadcast Video Expo (BVE), London, UK
Panelist - How to be a productive freelancer

January 2014 - Federation of Holistic Therapists, Leigh, UK
Speaker - Social Media for Therapists Talk

Dec 2013 - Freelancing Matters, National, UK
Online Interview - Making Social, Work

Dec 2013 - Lancashire Evening Post, Preston, UK
Online and Newspaper Article - Support for Business Women in Lancashire

Nov 2013 - Social Media for Women Conference 2013, Lancashire, UK
Founder and Organiser
Workshop Lead - Digital Media to Make a Difference
Workshop Lead - Get LinkedIn or Get Left Out

Nov 2013 - BBC Radio Lancashire, Blackburn, UK
Radio Interview - Organising the SM4W13 Conference

October 2013 - Connect-Transmit Conference, Manchester, UK
Panelist - Community Radio and it's Impact

October 2013 - Professional Lighting and Sound Associations (PLASA), London, UK
Panelist - BECTU and Freelancers in Media

October 2013 - LadyFest Preston, Preston, UK
Panelist - The Future is Feminine
Other panelists included Rachel Elnaugh, Dale Stafford, Karren Hands, Lisa Gibson and Caroline Hampson

Sept 2013 - Preston FM, Preston, UK
Radio Interview - Organising the SM4W13 Conference

Sept 2013 - Manchester Girl Geek Dinners, TechHub, Manchester, UK
Speaker - Female Tech Startups

Sept 2013 - d2Digital, Manchester, UK
Guest Blogger - Showcasing Diversity in Technology

Aug 2013 - BVE, London, UK
Video Interview - Being a freelance BECTU member

May 2013 - Preston Social, Preston, UK
Speaker - Geeks Not Gender

May 2013 - South Ribble Big Doo, Leyland, Lancashire, UK
Keynote - Digital and Social Media for Businesses

March 2013 - InfoLab21, Lancaster, UK
Guest Blogger - Building Communities with Digital Technologies

Oct 2012 - IATSE Young Workers Conference, Philadelphia, USA
Panelist - Young Members in the UK

July 2012 - SoundWomen, Bristol, UK
Guest Blogger - 10 Years in Community Radio & Inspiring Women

June 2012 - Community Media Association Conference, Bath, UK
Speaker - Hyperlocal is dead, Social-Local-Mobile is In!

Feb 2012 - Enabol2012, Bolton, UK
Speaker - Engaging and Effective Online Promotion

Feb 2012 - SocialXchange, So-Mo, Liverpool, UK
Workshop Lead - Social in the Digital Age

Feb 2012 - Inspiring Women's Enterprise in TV, Media City, Salford UK
Speaker - How Persistence Paid Off

Jan 2012 - The UKRC (UK Resource Centre for Women), Bradford, UK
Guest Blogger - How hard work, persistence, passion and determination pays off

Nov 2011 - SoVolTech, Blackpool, UK
Speaker - Communities and Tech Groups

Sept 2011 - BBC North, Media City, Salford, UK
Panelist - Women in Technology Networking Event

Sept 2011 - Blackpool Geekup, Blackpool, UK
Speaker - Introduction to Soundtoys

May 2011 - Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK
Guest Blogger - FutureEverything at Cornerhouse