Theatre Review - The Crucible, Dukes Lancaster

After a fantastic Pendle Witches based story from Sabbat back in 2012, the Dukes Young Actors, stired up another witches brew of suspense, love and in-the-round theatre with this months The Crucible.

Setting the scene with twigs in the rafters and the floor painted with twisted trunks, the impactive opening scene with an almost full cast, set the frame for an emotional and action packed play.

I have to admit, this was the script I was forced to read as a re-take for my English GCSE back in the day, so I always had an aversion to re-reading something that I had pulled apart so much, but this enactment really made the script shine and has inspired me to go and re-read the text.

With some powerful and dramatic performances from the cast, the story of the accused witchcraft was brought alive and they managed to suspend our disbelief in the round for a very large chunk of the play.
For young actors, they are astoundingly good. There are some moments where there are glimpses of their lack of experience, however most mainstream actors in theatre are normally at least 6 foot away from the closes audience member.

The atmosphere was electric with the use of lighting, in-situ props, sound effects and the fabulous harmonics vocal arrangements by the cast. It was also fantastic to see some of the cast also performing some of the music live. A special place is in my heart for the flautist.

The Crucible was in all, similar in style and vibe to the play I recently watched in London called The Hangmen. Both focussing on the feelings, betrayal and relationships around falsly accusing and hanging those believed guilty, without a fair trial.

My Favourite Bits

My favourite Bits have to be the fabulous harmonic singing from the young ladies and the great choreography for in-the-round, which is never an easy job.

One Line Review

A great performance of a hard script, with fantastic atmosphere and attention to detail.

Similar Suggestions

If you love the witch based plays, check out Sabbeth, Salem, The Hangmen and Macbeth.