#SelfCareSeptember 2016 - Working That Balance

A big thanks first of all must goto my lovely networking friend Anne-Marie Alger, who runs her own Psychotherapy & Counselling practice in the North West, UK, for letting our group know about this challenge!

The idea is every day, for the 30 days of September, you make sure you do something for YOU, and if possible share that with the world with the hashtag #SelfCareSeptember

I love this idea, and similar to the #photo365(6) challenges I've done for the past two years, it's not just about the actions, but the habits that you practice, and the community that you connect and share with. So I'm going to have a go! It not only fit's in with my love for talking to people about meditation, self-improvement and mindfulness, but also is a great support for getting that work-life balance percentage more towards the way you want it!

After spending the 31st August, in London presenting a talk on Productivity, it seems a really cool contrast to do this too! Can we be productive in our "life" sectors as much as our work? Let's see!

If you want to join in, make sure if you share online, use the #SelfCareSeptember so far there are a few people on most of the big social media platforms doing it, so why not start off now! Go and make yourself a brew, and take a few minutes to read and interact with those other like-minded lovelies!

I'll be hanging out on Twitter and Facebook!

Liz's #SelfCareSeptember
1 - Took 20 minutes out to browse the cosmetics aisles and look at pretty coloured things!
2 - Chicken soup for the soul. I very rarely eat soup, but it's got that soothing feeling to it, like a warm hug, takes me back to simpler times.
3 - Attended a capsule wardrobe workshop, and then bought some new smarter clothes.
4 - Meditation retreat, focused on a stress free life. Left feeling blissful and mindful! :)
5 - Week day, day off! Family time and catching up on the emails at a leisurely pace.
6 - Sat on the otherside of the workshop room in a day learning all about Google Labs products for journalists and bloggers. Love learning new skills!
7 - Pilates and Yoga, and binge watching Series 2 of NCIS (yes I started from the beginning again) [and yes I'm an uber fan!]
8 - Attended a Mindfulness event in Manchester and renewed my inspiration for a regular meditation practice.
9 - Detox day for the body and some time out time today.
10 - A total switch off day, started with a lovely meditation session on true happiness. A totally blissful day.
11 - American Football, horror films and the start of my daily meditation practice!
12 - Nourishing my body with an intense spin class.
13 - Learning something new with a new group of people then relaxing in the sauna for the afternoon.
14 - Swimming in the outdoor pool, allll alone, it was soooo blissful!
15 - Snatching ten minutes of quiet in a very busy and noisy day.
16 - Spa evening and dinner, a nice reboot.
17 - Second day of a long weekend, veg out in front of Netflix.
18 - Peaceful Sunday at home.
19 - Lunch, cake and tea with a friend.
20 - Holiday! Reading my latest novel.
21 - Stop time.
22 - Hammam and Spa time, steam helping sweating off the months stresses and strains.
23 - Reading Buddhism books and relaxing with cocktails.
24 - Peaceful inwards day of reflection.
25 - Being a tourist for the day and taking in all the sights and smells.
26 - A day full of acknowledging gratitudes.
27 - Time over breakfast reflecting on the year so far.
28 - Appreciating a peaceful environment again.
29 - Meditation session with a focus on mindfulness, alertness and focus.
30 - Starting back at the gym with a flowing Body balance and peace in the sauna. Missing the heat!