Welcome to SoundPlay at Work project page. Here you'll find an archive of all the broadcast programmes, and a selection of experimental tit-bits. 


SoundPlay @Work 1

The first programme of audio art produced for and broadcast on Preston FM. This programme looks at sound toys online and explores projects - Grotian Pianos, Drinks, Lorem Ipsum, Mr Sitar, Mushrooms, Flight of the Angels, Panagrams, Phone Bowls, Sheep, Thunderstorms and Weasles.


SoundPlay @Work 2

The second programme of audio art produced for and broadcast on Preston FM. This time we look at Ample Sources, Tune Toys, Pennies, Mario Elements, Witches English, German Numbers, Repercussion and much much more.


SoundPlay @Work 3

Broadcast on 103.2fm around Preston and online at www.preston.fm.

Tune in, open your ears and mind and explore the different and unusual.

Experimental sound and audio art programme - Experimental is defined as "anything that is different, interesting, and can't easily be labelled as something else."


SoundPlay @Work 4

In the fourth instalment of the programme we focus on “Digitally produced audio poetry” and some newly released tracks from experimental label MILLE PLATEAUX.

So what exactly is digital audio poetry? well it’s defined as “a kind of poetry that utilises digitally recorded, digitally manipulated and digitally generated background ambience and musical accompaniment. Normally it’s designed to be heard through headphones to get the best effect and in some cases can be difficult to listen to (as with most experimental audio on a radio station), however attempts are being made to make it more immediately accessible through it’s musicality rather than its meaning."


SoundPlay @Work 5

July's edition of the programme, focussed on World Listening Day, with some tracks from www.freesound.org an open source audio sharing website and some more tracks from the Mille Plateaux label.


SoundPlay @Work 6

In the sixth edition of the programme, we look at a soundscape of a Preston park, audio from Preston FM's "Watery Orchestra" from Preston's Riversway Festival 2011, and pieces from www.furthernoise.org featured artist, Philip Sulidae.


SoundPlay @Work 7

In the seventh edition of the programme, we look at "open source" and "Creative Commons" audio, freely available on the web. We also introduce you to what "radio art" is described as.


Track List

Mystified - Overtone Drones - http://www.archive.org/details/wh204

spoonPhase - Songs for Psychos, pt 1 - http://www.archive.org/details/wh034b


Origami - 2minutos

Marco Raaphorst - cutandpaste

Egg Slicer - And

Kuuleminen Asiat – Wire on words

07 day 7 - Avant de Dermir

13O – LiveIV and Bike Boy

Grotrian Pianos’ soundtoy - http://www.grotrian.de/en/act_pianolina.html


SoundPlay @Work 8

Episode 8 brings digital poetry, sound toys and carrot flutes. We start the programme with a Cumbria based project who produced music and digital poetry in collaboration from a remote farmhouse on Hadrian's Wall, experimental audio from Owl Brain Atlas's new album AM FM UFO, a track from a band John Morrow featured in from 2001, and some outputs from soundtoys featured in a talk for GeekUp Blackpool, earlier in the week. We also hear a track from the Vienna based Vegetable Orchestra. Links to the soundtoy websites can be found at http://bitly.com/p7ueqo


SoundPlay @Work 9

For November 2011 episode we take tracks from the Mille Plateaux label we love so well.

Track List

Antendex – Trett In

Anterndex – Amino

Khalija – Khalija Part II and IV

Lodsb – Calypso

Kiyo – Micropsyche

Then we visit some tracks from open source net labels on www.archive.org that come under the keywords – ambient, noise, drone and experimental…

Track List

Wyatt Keusch – Object 05 and Object 06

01. – 0.33.03R

Shiftless – Lift


SoundPlay @Work 10

Episode 10 of SoundPlay@Work covers Homemade audio, email audio projects, and found-sound artists Rough Fields, along with some new and exciting "organic" music from label Mille Plateaux.


SoundPlay @Work 11

In the programme we hear sounds from a yoga and music festival, audioart from a Lancashire artist, Modus arts collective, and a call for artists on a project around rural areas.





http://www.mediateletipos.net - Call for work by Binaural nodar for a Program of Creative Residencies in Sound Art and Experimental Research for 2013.


SoundPlay @Work 12

In this episode we hear a collection of music/audio hybrid tracks and some that have original found sounds.

Track List

Audiokonstrukte - In Sleepy Town

Audiokonstrukte - Slow The Moment

Ametsub - Solitude

Ametsub - Faint Dazzlings

Sabi - Howling Out With Tight Neons

Craig Vear - Ice Esk

Kiyo - Bear In Warm-Noiz

Audiokonstrukte – Parkbench


SoundPlay @Work 13

In this episode of SoundPlay@Work, we hear from local Lancashire audio artist John Morrow, and international Creative Commons experimental sounds.


Track List

Beyond Absence - Lightwatcher's Insomnia Suite I

Beyond Absence - Lightwatcher's Insomnia Suite II

Beyond Absence - Lightwatcher's Insomnia Suite III

Beyond Absence - Lightwatcher's Insomnia Suite IV

Beyond Absence - Soundproof Lullaby


Jazz Stück by Erik Holz aus Plastik & Kommissar Hjuler



SoundPlay @Work 14

The latest episode of SoundPlay@Work series, we have a special hour of audio from the SoundPlay team and audio aritst John Morrow. Recorded in Lytham creative studios in October 2012.