Time to Pause

Taking time to pause, stop, ponder and relax doesn't happen enough in this technology-leading world. I am always striving for a balance of work, productivity and peaceful existence. It's tough, but something I try and continuously re-focus my efforts on.


With new beginnings and spring definitely having sprung, seeing the beautiful daffodils swaying in the warm and soothing breeze, it’s time to draw our attention inwards, to our habits and processes and a refresh of our start to 2017.

We start 2017, almost still in hibernation – it’s cold, harsh and lots of “resolutions” are hard to start (or maintain) when we get up in the dark and leave work when it’s dark.

Isn’t it much more exciting to action on our resolutions or work on our goals when it’s beautiful weather outside and we can actually waking up to daylight?!


So, honestly, how are your 2017 resolutions going so far? Have you resigned yourself to never reaching your goals? Well stop right there, once you’ve realised January was a silly time to start working on those goals, let’s try again!


It’s a gorgeous day, (even if it’s raining), we are feeling fresh and rebooted, the smell of summer is on the horizon and we have the time to focus on our goals and pause for reflection.


This year, so far, my targets have been to focus on my health and wellbeing, weight loss, gaining new clients, boosting productivity, and having more karmic connections. I’ve now been on my New Kadampa Tradition Modern Buddhism Foundation Programme for 2 months now, and I feel that’s what has helped connect all the dots together for me. I plan to share more about that soon. To be honest my head is a bit swimming with it all at the moment, I think I need some reflection time, for the profound teachings to sink in. Everything really does feel like it is interconnected so much more now though. Highly recommended for those of a spiritual nature who are seeking new outlooks on life!


So taking a pause for a few minutes, here’s a list of questions to focus on…

Am I on target for my goals this year?

How can I get back on track?

What little actions can I do each day, to help my goals along the way?

Have I got the work/life balance right? How can I improve it?

What is lacking for me in my life right now? How can I rectify that?


I’ve also learnt a tip recently off another book, it suggests you choose 3 main tasks for your day that are work based, and 1 that is personal based. Or, if you don’t work, or it’s a weekend, this could be switched round. This is my current process I’m trying out, and so far it’s actually nice to make sure there’s a little balance in each day.


Have you got any tips you’ve learn recently you could share with us?