Top 10 Achievements Project - November and December 2015

This past two months was full of refocussing efforts and looking inwards for answers along with wrapping up a stella year in style.
I mentioned last month that October has for the past few years, been my reboot month and that the rest of the year is the new quarter for hibernating in anticipation for new beginnings. This is the first few months of this year I've felt things were truly starting to work out, and mindsets were finally catching up. I'm the first to admit I'm stubborn and it can take a while to admit stuff, especially most of all to myself in the moments of silence.
Last month I started using my new themes which strand across the events and schedules I work with - Karmic Circle, Work, Mind, Body and Spirit, and World and Community . I've behind the scenes been reading a lots of self help type blogs and books and been reassessing my CPD efforts. I spent most of December connecting with my spirit and asking myself, what next, and out of all that I now have a plan which I'll mostly keep to myself this year, but that i can definitely say, is going to make 2016 the biggest year yet! Having these themes had really helped me focus and work on the different elemens within the work/life balance.

Mind, Body and Spirit

1 - #skinnyliz - I've been managing a water based exercise a week and get myself more used to the water and making better use of the gym membership. No great weight loss this month, but starting back on the plan in the new year. I have however been looking at my schedule and trying to manage my time more wisely to fit more activity in.
2 - Get Swimming - I now have a visual goal to go along with this, and it's made it a real reason, alongside being fitter, to get in the water more regularly. My hair will *not* die of chlorine overdoses!


3 - Refresh Outlook - Updated processes, team meetings and a new plan for 2016 mean we are ready already to power up 2016!
4 - New Website - One thing I hate about website makers, is they think everyone wants a responsive design. Nope. I may use a device but I also have eyes and glasses and want to see what I would see on a regular PC the same way on my device. So I spent a day or so making my website mobile friendly according to Google so I can still be found via Google Search engine (if your website isn't mobile friendly, it no longer shows up in mobile searches via devices) so now, there's a cut down mobile version served to you on a device, but you can just select the "desktop version" to get back to the normal PC version to see everything without a silly button menu function.

Karmic Circle

5 - Festive gifts with a difference - I try my very best to always make or buy gifts I think people will really love, rather than just buy kiwi casinos online any old sh*t like some do. This time I went one step further after talking with a friend about stuff soon becoming clutter. This year gifts also had to be either useable (so once used nothing left) or something someone really really wanted rather than guessing, or something that didn't take up any space e.g. something digital or something to experience.
6 - Christenings, Celebrations and More - I'm now godparent to two of my friends children, so this month was the second christening, lots of events, festivities, networking events, speaking engagements and meals out, this month has been busy but lots of multitasking funs.

World and Community

7 - Online Profiles - I've started to update my old online profiles, shut accounts down I no long use and remove digital clutter from my life. I've started to update my online presence and give it a bit of a dust, but the next thing on the list is more digital decluttering!
8 - Cook/Bake - This month I managed two new bakes. Mary Berry's Oaty Jumbo Jack biscuits and possibly the best Macaroni Cheese in the world. Yum!
9 - #geeksontour - This month I finally managed to make it to Preston Hackspace. It's one of those that clashes with other commitments so even though it's close by, it's taken about a year to get to one of their meetings. This one had a focus on 3D CAD design for 3d printers which was not only cool to learn a new process and coding language, but also felt like it took me back in time to designing radio electric diagrams in my old job, it was loss of fun.
10 - Biker Chick - This month, it's been to cold to get on the bike again, but it's back on the list for 2016.

December Included...
December was a massive whirlwind and I didn't set ten aims like I have done for the past 11 months, mainly because I'd already started focussing on 2016. But here's some interesting points.
~Possibly the most family orientated month of the year, it was great to spend lots of time with family and friends. Maybe even more positively, I also tried to react calmly to last minute changes or cancellations, including having cars breakdown and friends disconnect.
~Bought a new cheap Android Lenovo tablet to hopefully make it easier to blog from. This is the first blog I'm writing on it!
~ I made White Chocolate and Cranberry fudge for festive foodie gifts
~ I spoke at several events including the National Social Media Conference 2015
~ Celebrated the Winter Solstice with beautiful friends releasing and shedding the old year and cack!
~ Lots of Moon work with yoga and a Women's Shakti Circle
~ Set my intentions for 2016

Top 10 Achievements Review
So that completes my year of aims and achievements setting project to blog each month for 2015. It's been fun, soul searching and hard at times, but really helpful and I'd suggest you all have a go too.
I've learnt that...
*To make it easier to blog, I need to simplify the process and with the work I've been doing towards the end of this year with my strands if I was to do it again, I'd use those to focus my thoughts.
*Sharing so publicly is really hard and against my nature.
*Setting monthly targets is really useful to help make decision, but doing this on an ongoing basis rather than on the first of the month is much easier and less stressful to come up with ideas.
*There are some achievements you start with, that you realise need breaking down into subtasks.
*You need to be thick skinned... 'Nuf said!
*10 aims per month is hard to think of.
*Writing things down on paper can be a great mental decision maker. And burning releases negatives and supports positives really well, versus deleting something digital.
*Taking time out to reflect and refocus is necessary.

So, would I do it again? Not in 2016 I won't be. I'm less blogging for sharing with others and more becoming accountable to myself, and I don't need to blog about it to do that.
I highly recommend you try it for a year, its not that much commitment and there are processes and aims I will take into 2016. But I won't be sharing them each month online. I'm not worried about you knowing, if you're interested just ask.
I'm going to reuse my time I've been blogging on this project for more film, productivity and tech blogs, including more on a focus topic for the month, that has been inspired from my monthly aims. I will be carrying on setting goals each month but not prescribing numbers of aims.
I've learnt a lot and I highly recommend it, but for 2016 my new focus will be my #photo365 project and focus blogs.

What's your 2015 been like for projects and aims?