Top 10 Achievements Project - May 2015

This month was full of celebrating, green beans and trying new things. The original post from last month can be found and hopefully will be an interesting insight into the progress I'm trying to make this year.


1 - Keeping fitness and weight loss a priority - Well, after next month's great achievements on this, I have to admit I've failed for a second month. I've had many a celebration for my birthday this month, and almost all of it has included some form of food, cake, sweets, or chocolates. So, rather than complaining or moaning. I've just made the most of it, and now I'm ready to jump back on the health wagon. I've given myself another 8 days, to get back to where I was weight wise. But, the new gym membership and renewed positivity and motivation to get healthy once more, has been making an impact mentally too.
One day, those frayed jeans in my wardrobe, will fit again!
2 - Carry on the meat free days - This no longer needs to be on the list, as I'm really happy with this achievement. I've gone about 3 months now with at least one day meat free per week. In practical terms it wouldn't suit to do any more, I now totally appreciate how hard it must be to eat out if you're veggie, or vegan or have some sort of restricted diet! Even though this is going off the list, it's like many of the previous achievements, adding to the list.
3 - Swim woman! - So back on the list for a second month, I've had some progress! I've managed to go for a few lengths twice this month, which is a great improvement on last time. I found the aim I needed was to put some total lengths to complete, onto the achievement too. So, not many (as I'm not even that good at swimming) but 20 lengths in one pop is enough to keep my cardio up and me feel sufficiently exercised.


4 - Blog More - Yep! I've been blogging more this month, and the momentum to just write something quick has been a lot simpler with my new laptop. Instantly booting up takes away the "meh" feelings of how long a blog would take to write. The thing that takes the most time, is finding a suitable, trendy and relevant pic to go with it.
5 - Read More - I wasn't very specific with this one, probably me knowing me, that reading isn't my strong point. I do like reading, but I get easily distracted. I read so much business and work based stuff, it's hard to read for fun. This month however, I've managed to read a really interesting magazine called "Simple Things" from cover to cover. It's content is like an offline blog. I think it's also nice to be switched off and disconnected from the internet sometimes and get some proper offline time.


6 - Organise all the things - Yes! The inbox zero is still revolutionising my life and making me much more productive. I've also been trying to organised everything a bit more. The key to that is my calendar - if it's not in there, it's probably not going to happen.
7 - Declutter and Clean with the FlyLady project - This is an ongoing things for me, I love to declutter. I like a tidy and clean home and workplace. I like a balance of minimal and comfortable. I don't like "stuff" lying around and each thing has to have it's place in the world for a reason. There are many blogs about decluttering and my favourite site is htp:// where I've learnt how to let go of objects that I'm only mentally and emotionally attached to. If it isn't really important to use or you don't love it, it goes to either charity or straight in the bin. I regularly get a bin bag and get rid of random bits that seem to enter the house, then get left unwanted. Share them with someone who does want them, and give them a new life!
FlyLady is this fab online community that try and help you to attack the household chores in bitesized pieces. There's a different "zone" to work on each week and the app ""FlyHelper" is a great tool to keep you in check with where you're upto. They have generic task lists, but you can easily make it your own. I think I've done pretty well starting this, but want to continue this as a focus for next month. Tidy house, tidy mind and all that.

Trying New Things

8 - Attend a new #geeksontour event - This month I went to the BECTU conference in Eastbourne, the first time I've actually gone as a delegate. I stood up on two motions in front of 200 or so people and loved it. The buzz of such passionate and empowered voices, is a feeling you'll find hard to get elsewhere. I even got quoted in the Morning Star Newspaper! A proud moment.
I also managed to squeeze in a trip to the Fab Cafe, Manchester's quiz last week. It had a good few different rounds and was a lot easier that most other quizzes I've been to!
9 - Cook/Bake something new - This month, I took inspiration from the magazine I mentioned earlier and hacked my own Fine Green Bean Salad. It combines a healthy-ish mix of a meat-free day ingredients including salad cheese, fine green beans, small potatoes, cucumber and a lovely soy, white wine vinegar and herbs dressing. A nice fresh and summery salad. It's gone onto the regulars list.
10 - Starting on the path of a new exciting adventure - This is by far one of the most exciting things I've done this month, possible this year! I've been wanting to do this for years, and last year I decided I was going to move forward on it.
But a year on and it took my best mate to buy me a session as a birthday pressie, to actually get on a 125 motor bike and learn to ride it! Very exhilarating and can't wait to get going and pass all the tests!
The photos right depicts the path I've taken to get to finally start to ride a motorbike, after getting hooked about 20 years ago!

Aims for May include...
As you'll notice I'm starting to double up some previous aims to get more in. The others are still going in the background too! :)
1 - Keeping fitness and weight loss a priority with a mixture of activities
2 - Daily Routines
3 - Keeping Connected with others
4 - Pick a topic to research
5 - Read and Blog more
6 - Organise and declutter all the things with FlyLady
7 - Do something spontaneous each week
Trying New Things
8 - Attend a new #geeksontour event
9 - Cook/Bake something new
10 - Get all biker-chick!

Here's to another top10 month. Why not join me too!