Top 10 Achievements Project - October 2015

This month was full of decluttering, refocusing and planting karmic seeds.
I mentioned last month that October has for the past few years, been my reboot, refresh and regrouping month, well, I've come back with a November 5th fireworks bang! October was awesome for so many things and I'd love to share some of the achievements with you. Hopefully you'll be as re-motivated as I am now!

Mind, Body and Spirit

1 - #skinnyliz - This month I've taken the focus off the weightloss, intentionally so I could enjoy some of the things below. However, I have managed to keep an average of 1000 calories of excersize up over a rolling 7 day period. Yay! This is a great step forwards, as it means that I'm burning more calories as part of my regular schedule, without too much hassle! Big progress for me this year!
2 - Balance the work-life balance - I can safely say, the last month has definately gone a long way in balancing the amount of work-life sque I've had recently. This month I've been lucky enough to manage to basically take most of October off work.
3 - Sip a cocktail on a beach - Part of the month off, included a beautiful holiday in the gorgeous Halkidiki in Greece. The weather was a mix of rain and thunderstorms, and gorgeous bright blue skies and sunshine, but the cocktails and beach were aplenty! A great way to relax, refocus and work on some of the new plans ahead.
4 - Make Plans - What better place to make plans that in a peaceful space away from all the usual distractions, noises and frustrations. I've got into a habbit this past few years, of taking my holiday time to reflect on the year previous and the plans for the year to come. So further intensions have been set, and I'll be working up some further ideas under the new "strands" which I think I'll share as a quarterly, if not yearly post next year.

Karmic Circle

5 - Celebrate Success - In my opinion, and some people think I'm crazy on this, but other people should always be put before youselves in terms of importance in life. So this month I was lucky to be involved in supporting some huge achievements by the beautiful people in my Karmic Circle. I attended a graduation in Birmingham, got asked to be a godparents for a friend's new baby boy, and went on the Manchester march against the Trade Union bill, in support of workers across the UK and beyond. Your Karmic Circle can be wide, and you might have a small close Karmic Circle too, but if you believe in people, you should beleive in wanting to help them.
6 - Karmic Circle and Seeds - This year learning about my Karmic Circle has been key to my life being happier and healthier, and refocussing on what really matters to me. The Seeds represents the doing and other actions for others that boosts your Karma. The Circle represents the people you can make a difference for, and those who you can also ask for help if you ever needed it. I'm proud to say I'm working on this, and my focus is making sure my friends and family know I'm here for them. Sometimes even with actions not expected, but that can make a positive supportive impact <3

World and Community

7 - Something New - This month, my new thing, was real, true, focussed life PLANNING. You'll know by now I like my planning, along with trying to learn to "exist" more. More to roll out next month, but I've very happy to say, I'm feeling much more positive and ready to go again. A more motivated and positive me, is great for business, personal and my wider Karmic Circle. I should take time off more often, it works better for everyone!
8 - Cook/Bake - As I've actually not been home for most of the month, this has been a fail, however I thought it a great opportunity to talk about some of the things I've enjoyed trying while I've been away.
The vareity of foods I've had the opportunity to try this month have been yummy! My favourite and most interesting Greek food has been Coffee Jam, yes jam consistancy and look, with a sweet coffee flavour. Where do I get this from now?! It worked with bread rolls, croissants and to be honest, also just being eaten on it's own!
I've been back to Greece and specifically Halkidiki a few times now and the one food I love the most, that doesn't suivive exportation, is the Halkidiki Olives and Feta Cheese. I would get very fat, quite quickly, but I could happily live off those three items and bread forever I reckon!
9 - #geeksontour - This month it wasn't the most *geeky* event, but I did get the chance to meet some great people, some even techie based in their businesses. Now I've signed upto the PinkLinkLadies networking group. It's a monthly meeting in Bolton where women enterprenuers and business owners get the chance to link up, learn news things and share ideas and business. A fab new group to be part of.
10 - Biker Chick - This month, I'm very proud to say I passed my Compulsory Bike Training (CBT). I blogged about it earlier this month here.

Aims for November include...

Mind, Body and Spirit
1 - #skinnyliz
2 - Start Swimming
3 - Refresh Outlook
4 - New Website
Karmic Circle
5 - Festive Gifts with a difference
6 - Christenings, Celebrations and More
World and Community
7 - Online Profiles
8 - Attend a new #geeksontour event
9 - Cook/Bake something new
10 - Get back on the bike!

Here's to another top10 month. November is usually the month that most people are starting to get stressed about Christmas and the lul and depression of the Winter period kicks in, but not this year! Let's make it a positive exciting one to remember! What will you be doing?