Top 10 Achievements Project - September 2015

This month was full of decluttering, refocusing and planting karmic seeds.
I'm a bit behind in the blogging of these for a few personal reasons, that had been stopping me from blogging the more personal stuff for a while. But, I did however still set my aims down in writing in traditional pen and journal style. So take this as a public sharing for what happened and what my aims are for October.


1 - #skinnyliz - I'm that committed now, it has a hashtag! I've got a final target for weight loss that I've now decided would be a balance or healthy and happy, for a while I've been toying between going for the lightest end of the BMI scale, but I've realised it's more about balance. I've also found that doing a daily focused exercise works wonders. For the past few months I've been doing 30 sit-ups. After reading up what the best exercise - when reading best, also think most productive - I found the Triangle Push-ups to be coming out the best. I've only been doing these a week or so, but I'm keeping going because even though it hasn't melted my flabby arms yet, I *can* feel it working.


2 - Productivity and Planning - It's past the spring clean and I'm still going. I love a bit of productivity and this month have been making an effort to share the productivity learning with others too. I've now got 3 people actively using #inboxzero and they love it, which in turn I love too! I've been doing a lot of planning and due to an old app not syncing with Google Tasks properly, I've now swapped out my old to-do list app for a new one called Taskary. I spend several hours testing a variety of apps on Android and tried about 10 before I found the one that seemed to be right for me. Taskary, seems to work well with multiple lists, notifications, emojis, syncing, repeat tasks and colouring different lists. I found an added bonus of being able to add images to the tasks too! Fab!
3 - Decluttering Mission - As you know I love a good declutter, digital, paper, stuff and everything based. I've managed to sort through, three boxes of childhood exercise books and artwork, one bin bag of stuff I haven't used in a year from a storage box and some items for regifting I passed onto a friend who packages up cosmetics and body stuff for people who find themselves staying overnight in hospital from an unexpected emergency. As standard hospitals don't provide you with shower gel, shampoo etc. so this church group donate little boxes with overnight essentials in for that little piece of home, when people might need it the most. Beautiful way to re-gift the things you might otherwise just throw away.


4 - Karmic Circle - After a few months of soul searching, I've learnt what a Karmic Circle truly is, and how mine works. It's also just like the little karmic seeds of life - if you nurture them, they will grow into beautiful things.
I also was very exciting to meet up with my friend who I first met back when I did my very first year in community radio. 15 years on it was like we'd been in touch all those year! That's what a karmic circle should be!
5 - Refocussing - This has been another big one for me the past month. I've been using my new found apps to focus in on what's next. I've also booked in some dedicated time next month to focus on some SMART goals to go along with this new focus.
6 - CPD Work - I've just completed another yearly read through my CPD training book from Springboard. I've also run through my T160 returner course I did way back in 2007 now! (Blimey that long!) Then I went that one step further and met up with my Springboard partner in crime, Sally. Great to be able to get back in touch with her and feel that re-connection straight way, and the support from someone else who's done the same CPD, is priceless!

Trying New Things

7 - Something New - I've took the plunge and signed upto a Shakti New Moon Women's Circle which apparently sold out so quick, the brilliant Devi also released a Full Moon series. It's something new, and to be totally honest I think it's come at the perfect time for me. I've done quite hardcore spiritual stuff before, and to be honest can't find enough of it to go to. So really looking forward to this starting in November. The idea is each session will be a mix of yoga and meditation linked in with the New Moons. I've been doing Moon Yoga for a few years and really looking forward to building up more learning.
8 - Cook/Bake - This month I baked some of my regular double chocolate chip chewy cookies, but this time did a tray flat full and chopped them up while they were cooling. Easier and quicker to bake, and still went down well.
Also this month I've tried a couple of under 500 calories meals, including a new favourite of mine Anchovies, Broccoli and Linguine pasta with Parmesan. Yum! So tasty, I made it again with Conchiglie the following week. A great store cupboard favourite too. All items can be dried, frozen and bottled.
9 - #geeksontour - This month there was so much geekery. Just my luck! I managed to finally get to my first @SheSaysMcr which has events across the UK and this month's theme was women in Tech. Double ticks from me. It was a great evening, hosted at SpaceportX and met some great women, and some amazing female speakers. The one speaker that stood out to me, and if you read any other blogs this year, you'll understand, was talking about how she uses social media and communicates with her friends in China. Platforms like are much more popular in China that any Facebook or Twitter as they focus on comms within their friends units. But, also it was really interesting to hear another person's point of view, from living in China, how the government there dictates what the media push out. I'll quite openly admit, I'm most likely on a watch list anyway with the union work I do, might as well mention the amazing China Media Bulletin and China Labour Bulletins. Ever watch the news channels from outside of the UK, looking at the UK's news? It's very interesting!
Then, I was really buzzing off the @Girlgeekmeetup conference GGM15 in London. One of the best conferences I've been to in a fair while. A mixture of sensible talks, inspiring concepts and brilliant women in their technology based sectors. A blog in itself will be needed for that.
10 - Biker Chick - I've booked in the first test for my Bike in October, so just waiting for that. Have been talking to more friends about biking though. It's amazing how many people can ride, but haven't had a bike in years.

Aims for October include...

Mind, Body and Spirit
1 - #skinnyliz
2 - Balance the work-life
3 - Sip a cocktail on a beach or, the Perfect Picture
4 - Make Plans with the Strands
Karmic Circle
5 - Celebrate the success of someone else
6 - Karmic Circle Seeds
World and Community
7 - Something new
8 - Attend a new #geeksontour event
9 - Cook/Bake something new
10 - Pass my first Bike Test!

Here's to another top10 month. October has for the past few years, been my reboot, refresh and regrouping month. The fact that's it's mya favourite month for being autumnal and leafy and all things pumpkin flavoured, doesn't harm either. Bring back New York last year, where *everything* was pumpkin flavoured!