Top 5 Apps for Health and Spiritual Wellbeing

In the new series of Top5AppsFor... I'm sharing my top 5 apps for different things. Last time we focused on Productivity so to follow on with the productive and hopefully more positive mindset, this time I'm focusing on Health and Spiritual Wellbeing.

I think these link quite nicely together as for me, the productivity apps, help me find the time and plan in when I'm going to focus on my health and spiritual wellbeing. I understand people use the word "wellbeing" for many things, that's why I've decided to focus on the Spiritual side of it, as that's basically what I'd personally used these apps to help me achieve.

1 - Sattva If you need to have a bit of gamification to get yourself doing some simple meditation time each day, Sattva is your app. It offers a variety of meditation background sounds, music, chanting or even just time you in silence with the choice of finishing sound at the end of your meditation time. You can choose the alarm time for anything you wish and the finishing sound could be a variety of different bells or sounds from real meditation guides. It then gives you the opportunity to share you feelings before and after the meditation, and a daily meditation quote, which you can choose to share with your friends in you wish. A great way to prompt you to try and get a bit of quite in you day, every day.
I'm also totally into their slogan "what get's measured, get's managed"
On Android, iOS and Web

2 - Daily Yoga This is another fabulous app to help you get some daily space in your day, this time for yoga. You can choose a variety of different body focuses with the sessions, some are for weight loss, arms, legs, core, and you usually get the option of time of session and intensity of "workout" if you will. There are extra sessions you can download as plugins and I was so impressed with the variety and the guided sessions, I've actually signed up for a yearly membership. The membership opens up more sessions for you to use, extra background music albums and further intensity and timing settings on the ones you get with the free version.
On Android and iOS

3 - My Diet Coach Pro This has been by far, my most successful app for supporting my weight loss. To date I've lost 10kg, with around another 5-10kg to go, and this app is a great motivator. You can set a series of pre-determined or bespoke reminders ans challenges throughout the day, week and month to help you at the times when you're faltering. There is a "panic button" for when you're just about to eat that huge cake you don't really want and it will try and help you make more healthy decisions. You can also track your progress, not just in weight loss, but also extras such as size of waist, arms, thighs etc. so you can get a truer reading of your weight loss, or useful if you want to focus on a target area. There's also the option to use a journal for tracking your food, calories, and exercise each day, but that's to be honest the function I find hard to use. There are many food tracker apps out there that beat this, but if you want everything under one roof, it will be a good competitor to try. This is the Pro paid for app, but you can test the free version that has the basics before buying the Pro.
On Android and iOS

4 - FlyHelper This is all about doing those household chores you hate, bit by bit, every day, so overall it's less stressful. It's almost a type of productivity process I think. You might be wondering why this comes under a wellness app, but for me, it's really key to having a clean and healthy home, I can then do my meditation and yoga in, without stressing about the pile of dishes, and the cobwebs in the corner.
Each week there's a focus on a different room of your home, and each day there's a task you can complete from the FlyLady programme. This is a paid for app for the licence, but the free version give you a full version of a timed trial to see if you like it.
You can also edit the different "zones" and tasks to make it your own, especially if you don't have certain rooms in your home that it mentions. You can also add in extra areas that are important to you, for example I add in my deep cleaning items, there's also options to set your own daily tasks and habbits lists so everything is again, inside one app.
Only on Android

5 - Runkeeper Don't be put off by the "Run" bit of it's name. This app can track pretty much any of you exercise, including Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Running, Treadmill, Crosstrain, Swimming etc. The list of exercises is extensive and has grown from users feedback. If you are running/walking/hiking outside, you can also use your GPS to track locations, routes, speed, maps, and even setup your own workout schedule to follow and be reminded of. It's a great app to also share with friends on social media and connect with other Runkeeper users to keep up inspiration, momentum and competition if that's your thing.
On Android and iOS

I have yet to find the "perfect app" that enables me to track all of these things under one app, along with sharing and notification capabilities, but these do give that unknown app a *run* for it's money!