Top 5 Apps for... Productivity (2015)

I read a lot, and I mean a *lot* of blogs, reviews and comment pieces about productivity and positivity.
I feel it engages me like nothing else really every has, as I find it something that you can slot into anything.

So I felt it only time I made a start on some of my own motivational, positivity, and productivity blogs too.
I'd like to think my Top10Achievements blogs have been somewhat inspirational, I have tried.
But I do also like productivity for life and business, and how all that fits into the world.

So starting a new series of short blogs on useful apps for... here's my top 5 apps for productivity.


1 - Business Calendar 2 Pro - Where would I be without German born BC2 Pro? Well I don't think I'd be anywhere! Since I was at high school I've always been keen on diaries, not for the post-event journaling, but to keep notes, tasks and events coming up in. While at university I spent two years with both a page-a-day diary which was mainly a to-do list function and a Palm Pilot PDA, remember those? That was my slow-to-get-on-board-with move to digital. I didn't trust it, and to be honest there was no real thing like syncing back then. Today, I've moved away from the un-syncronisable Yahoo Calendars to Google Calendar, and ever though I'd rather Google didn't know my ever move, everything goes in my calendar.


2 - Taskary - A new addition to my app family, it does what the plug-in for BC2Pro stopped doing... syncing. I found this app is great for colour coding multiple lists, reminders, repeat tasks, notifications and even adding images to tasks. I use a variation of the Get Things Done system and so I have about 15 task lists, colour coded of course and everything goes into it.


3 - Evernote - I'm still surprised when people still haven't heard of this platform. It's web, mobile, app and now even hybrid paper based! It saves and syncs your notes, web snippets, and has some great features including books, tags and bullet points and tick boxes. It also has this fabulous option which can pull in the title of your meeting etc. based on the info in your calendar for the time and day you make a new note, or if you have GPS switched on, add the title as a location. Great for generation quick notes with minimal faff.


4 - Fuelio - Fuelio is an app for us geeky petrol (or diesel heads). It enables you to track fill ups, trip miles, miles per gallon and average fill up costs. If you're like me and you drive a lot, you want to keep upto date with how much you're paying per mile. This app also accepts multiple vehicles if you're lucky enough to have access to more than one.


5 - K9Mail - This, was a needs-must app choice originally. I wanted to learn more about signing and encrypted emails and this is one of the only Android apps that does this, on multiple email accounts with aliases. But on using it for longer and persevering I got to learn about it's useful tools. It's not to prettiest app, but is very useful. The best feature for me, is the downloading of the emails for offline reading, an absolute improvement on Yahoo's own email app that needs internet connection to even view your inbox!


Next month I'll be sharing my top 5 Apps for Health and Spiritual Wellness.