Across the North West This Summer

Liz is gearing up for what we think is going to be a rainy, but exciting summer.
Liz will be spending a good chunk of her time traveling around the North West, attending lots of exciting events and running some pretty interesting sessions, covering things like writing for web, social media, community support and video editing, check out the links and see if anything takes you fancy, sign up, and see Liz there. Don’t forget to say hello!

The summer time normally starts with hot summery weather, but we greet July with lots of rain, something Liz is very glad of as she starts running a series of Writing for Web workshops on behalf of Lets Go Global a creative media organisation based in Trafford, Manchester. More info on the workshops and dates are available at

Next up we will see Liz at Part 2 of Aunty Social’s Get Connected events on 27th July 2011, this time spending the whole evening in “social media surgery” mode, supporting community organisations for the Blackpool area get connected. The session will focus on getting more familiar with social media and how best to utilise the variety of free options out there to maximise their online presence.

Liz will be helping organise the “Hello LAN” event, after a long slog to get the long-standing organisation into a voluntary run group after funding cuts meant the company had to shut down. The re-opening links in with Oxheys Mill, Preston’s new resident artists and their new studios. There will also be opportunity forLancashire Artists Network members to submit their own work for viewing on the open evening which is planned for the 7th September 2011.

Following on a few days later, Liz will be running an Audio/Video Production Taster Session at Manchester Girl Geeks. For more info on the session and to book tickets click here. “We will be learning the fantastically Open Source, multi-platform programme ZS4 Video Editor, it’s great and it’s icon is an upside-down strawberry, brilliant!”

Then after all that there’s a well deserved break in September planned, where Liz is going to visit Salvador Dali’s museum and galleries in Barcelona, wander around crazy looking architecture and hopefully all of this in cool British-themed weather!