Talk - Boost Your Productivity at Women In Tech Nottingham

I'll often be found saying "oh I do like a good app", but sadly I've yet to find the golden nugget of the single app that does all I need it to do for the productivity side of things. I've been running my business DigiEnable for just over 4 years (how times flown) and frequently test productivity apps, but when they aren't intuitive or fit in with, or sync with my other processes, it's a quick uninstall from me. In productivity, and boosting my own, I've found apps to be very important for keeping me on track. You hear lots of people suggesting to switch off your notifications completely, but when used wisely, notifications can really help boost productivity, and leave less up to chance (and an aging memory.) I was super excited to be invited to talk at Women In Tech Nottingham, and picking my geekiest favourite at the moment, I focused my interactive talk around making us as super productive as possible.

"Boost Your Productivity – Processes and apps to create a better work/life balance" is the title, and very much as a business owner, balance is the aim of the game, and for those of you of CPD (Continued Professional Development) or Spiritual persuasions, my Sankalpa is "Everything in Balance".

Even if you're not a business owner, but you're just trying to muddle through life as easy and as smoothly as possible, productivity can help LOADS! In the talk (which I'm happy to roll out again in future if there's interest) we cover productivity processes - sometimes referred to as "workflows" - such as Getting Things Done, Pomodoro, Eat That Frog, InboxZero, the Eisenhower Matrix, and hacking your own Processes.

We then covered platforms and apps such as (but not limited to) Evernote, Taskary, My Effectiveness, Task Timer Calendar, and many more. For me an app has to support and run alongside your workflow. But first you need to figure out your workflow. There are schemes out there, but I've found I've taken advice and part-processes from some and mashed them into something that works for me. It doesn't yet have a name, but maybe it should.

Finding your process could take a few months, but seriously, now I've got my process mojo running, I feel one hundred times more productive, and very rarely do I find myself wandering off to Pinterest unintentionally. For more useful tips, check out our blogs on

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Top 5 Apps for... Productivity Do you have any ideas for a good name for my own process? Are there any apps you couldn’t do without? Answers to @tech_geek_girl :)