What To Declutter in 30 Days

So I challenged myself for the past 30 days to declutter *something* every day. I did it alongside a friend who bailed on day 20, gutted! 

The first few days seemed quite easy. My friend is always saying I'm contastly decluttering, but I realised that it really isn't every day. The first week or so there were obvious drawers that could be sorted out, piles of things that had mounted up over the past few months and digital files I've been meaning to re-organised for years!

Week 3 and 4 got harder. I would look in each room of the house and use those key decluttering questions and see if there was anything I could get rid of that day.

Do I use it?

Do I need it?

Do I love it?

If you can't truely answer YES!!! to one of those it needs to either go...

  • In the Bin
  • To Charity
  • Regift
  • Recycling

I had to start delving deeper into cupboard and digital folders I haven't looked in in years, to find gems to be able to declutter.

I don't think I could keep up the decluttering daily, but I will be keeping a regular decluttering process going. The next step is reducing the number of items that get into the house/laptop/device in the first place. I think that's a longer process to work on though!

So here's an overview of what I managed to get rid over over 30 days of de-cluttering, hopefully it will serve as a bit of inspiration for what you walk past everyday but no long aknowledge it's existance, or just a pile of stuff that can goto a better home.

  • 1. Old manuals
  • 2. Candles, library books and sd cards
  • 3. Wedding keepsake kept for someone else
  • 4. Coasters and random junk from drawer
  • 5. Computer memory bars and cd programme 
  • 6. Old Wash cloths that have had their day
  • 7. Old Lumie lamp - gifted on to a fellow geek
  • 8. Old spray guns and socks
  • 9. Pile of post junk
  • 10. Perfume jars
  • 11. Some digital Pocket articles
  • 12. Emails folder with things to read that I haven't read in at least a year
  • 13. Tracking calories (it's just too time consuming for no real reason)
  • 14. Dropbox - that's it GDPR in motion!
  • 15. Receipts 
  • 16. Paperwork from meetings and digitised to notes
  • 17. Business cards (processed into digital format)
  • 18. Handbag junk
  • 19. Candle holders
  • 20. Old business flyers and letters
  • 21. Old books given to charity shop
  • 22. Cooking recipes all cutout from magazines, reorganised and lots recycled
  • 23. Old dead plant - it was never going to resurrect itself
  • 24. Chocolates 
  • 25. Old planner files - when you can't even remember why you saved that file?!
  • 26. Old book regift - very good condition used book, regifted to someone else so they can enjoy it too
  • 27. Bath products - because we always just have too many bottles!
  • 28. Magazines and plastic tubs that no longer have their lids (think Tupperware tombstones)
  • 29. Store cupboard out of date food tins
  • 30. Old keyrings and fobs on keys

Are you fond or a good clear out? What tips can you share with us?