30 Days of Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetarianism is said to be great for many reasons, and after a few months of limiting my meat, poultry and fish intake, it was time to try it full time, starting with the first 30 days of June. 

Taking snapshots each day for the foods I've been eating it was interesting to look back on the month and see the mixture of fast food, processed and pre-made foods and homemade meals. It's giving me a new lease of life for cooking, I love cooking but you know how you can get into habits of just making the same old meals - this has been a fab tester to play the game with. 

I decided to document my month on Flickr with a photo each day which represents to type of foods I've been eating, and where relevant, notes on what else I've been eating. 

Here's my Flickr album - check out my 30 days of veggie meals...

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Would you go vegetarian or vegan?

The hardest thing to navigate really was eating out. I've learnt there are very few mainstream high street restaurants that cater for veggies, let alone vegans. However, it has opened my eyes to how some food places do have AMAZING veggie choices, that I have previously dismissed and not even really read properly on the menu. One of my favourite dishes while eating out was a Tofu Tamarind dish with Jasmine rice and Chinese Greens - OMG yum! I also now have grown an obsession for Nakd Cocoa Delight bars (vegan), No added sugar Ginger Beer (vegan) and high-fibre fussilli (also vegan). 

I also found a fab blogger - Accidentally Vegan UK who shares what supermarket items are just "accidentally vegan" - a great find I think I keep a close eye on!

Do you have any good veggie meals you'd suggest I try? Please comment below on via social media, I'd love to hear from you!