Why we relaunched the podcast

It's one of those things that unless you can confidently say "this is why we are doing it" then it's good to step back, reflect and decide on the next steps... It's podcast time!

You've all had those things that you keep putting off and off, until your procrastination on something is so high it either *finally* gets done, or get ditched. That's what our initial podcasts were like. With a love and background in broadcasting our barrier was very much the perfection level. We see it a lot, we know we aren't alone, but it's a constant struggle. The balance over getting it out there vs perfection.

Let's face it if we focus on perfect all the time, things would never get done, and honestly, you know I'm a get stuff done kinda gal!


So after many discussions, reasoning, reflection on our two year sabatical from podcasting, it's back with a new focus and look. 

The relaunch of the DigiEnable podcast planned on Digital Learning Day. We picked this as a motivator to work up to... deadlines are always a good practice in getting things done! But also there's meaning in that day to us, and the reason we wanted to refresh the podcast and change the style, is because we did our research, we asked some of our clients what they'd like to hear, and specifically from us! 

So I hope you enjoy it, you can stream online and download via the website...


Check us out, we look forward to hearing your feedback.


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