Top Horror Films for Halloween 2019

Fancy a good horror film this halloween? As you'll guess I am a massive horror fan and have a love for all different types of horror - from Black and White slient movies like Nosferatu and Dr Caligari, to Hammer Horrors and present-day slashers at the box office.

Here's a list of my suggested watches that should be easy to find either at the cinema, or DVD in the supermarkets or on Netflix!

Let us know what you'll be watching this haunting hour! 


Top Horror Films for Halloween


Hell Fest (2018)

IMDB – Viewed on Netflix

One of the best edge-of-your-seat horrors I’ve seen this season. From last year this one is based in a horror theme park, where you’re expecting scary people jumping out at you and staged beheaddings… or are they staged?!


Escape Room (2019)

IMDB – Viewed in the Cinema

An odd one to be launched at the start of this year, this film pays homage to all the Escape Rooms you’ve ever been in that you’ve bought a ticket from on Groupon and feel a bit dodgy about entering… This one has that feel to it, until you realise it’s got a deathly ending. A combo of the great and powerful Saw series and a filmed-in-one-room style photography.


Us (2019)

IMDB – Viewed in the Cinema

Another one that hit the box office early this year and now available online and on DVD this is a home invasion style horror with a twist. Lots of jump scares, but it takes a while to get going at the start, but bear with it. It’s a nice film with a family-stays-together theme.


The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018)

IMDB – Viewed on Netflix

If you only watch one horror film on Netflix this festive season, make sure it’s this one. I didn’t know what to expect and just hit play after watching a random yet intriguing trailer. This one seems full of a bit of every horror genre going and has hits to old film ledgends such as Alfred Hitchcock. A must-watch.


IT – Chapter 2 (2019)

IMDB – Viewed in the Cinema, still at the Box Office

If you are quick you might still be able to catch this ledgend on a movie. A remake of the original versions of 1 and 2 from the early 90’s but has been modernised sympathetically.

If you haven’t ever watched a Stephen King book adaptation like this one, it’s a great time to start.


There’s also IT, Carrie, Pet Sematary to give a watch too, and too late for Halloween in the UK, but Doctor Sleep gets released in the cinema on the 5th Nov! Go watch that when you can, it’s the follow up of The Shining… which you also need to have on your watch list!


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