An absolute nerd when it comes to the Horror genre, each year I share my top Horror films for Halloween. 

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Let's get stuck in!


Top Horror Films for Halloween


Halloween (2018)

IMDB - viewed on DVD, but also currently on Netlfix

A remake of the cult classic, with some of the original cast and crew - including iconic music from John Carpenter - I've seen him live and he is as epic as he seems!

If you get this on DVD, there's also some fab behind the scenes footage too!


Cadaver (2020)

IMDB - viewed on Netlfix, new release

An oh-so clever post-apocalyptic thriller. Gripping, sinister, haunting and a memorable one too! Would you say yes to an offer of a meal and theatre when the world is burning down?


Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight (2020)

IMDB - viewed on Netlfix, new release 

A group of smartphone addicted teenagers goto an "offline camp" to "find themselves" - when the group get split up, everything goes horribly wrong. A good one for watching with those who won't watch a film without staring at their iPhone!


The Perfection (2018)

IMDB - viewed on Netlfix

Very clever horror-thriller, which keeps you guessing till the end - bear with it though and it will gift you with a creshendo ending!


House of the Witch (2017)

IMDB - viewed on Netflix, on DVD and other streaming services

A straight-to-TV-Horror it hints at being a classic B-movie horror genre, and that wouldn't be wrong. A Halloween night jump-scare ghost film, with teenagers and a haunted house, it's cheesy, but an easy and reletively short watch. 


Haunting of Bly Manor (2020)

IMDB - viewed on Netlfix 

A recently released follow-up from The Haunting of Hill House, this short mini-TV-series straight to Netflix is an easy-paced watch and haunting from the start. 


Sinister (2012)

IMDB - viewed on Netflix, also on DVD

A crime writer moves into a house where sinister goings-on have happened and tries to find the story in the house. Not welcomed with open arms to the local community, he struggles with his own personal ghosts too. 


Hubie Halloween (2020)

IMDB - new release on Netflix

A Horror-Comedy to have a giggle to. As you can guess it's based on Halloween night. Worth checking out just for the garden decorations alone! America do HAlloween so much better than us Brits do! 


Scream (1996)

IMDB - classic on DVD and some streaming platforms 

If you fancy a cult classic for Halloween night, you can't go wrong with Scream. One of the iconic films in the nineties that set the trends for the genre for years to come. 


Haunt (2019)

IMDB - viewed on Rakuten 

A very memorable film, that will make you think twice about going out to Haunted Houses of Horror venues. 


There's 10 to keep you going, there's so many more to suggest as always. But what horror films would you suggest? Comment below or message me on Twitter @Tech_Geek_Girl