Films Viewed on Halloween 2016

As you may already have gathered, I am a Horror Film Nerd! I use Nerd rather than Geek, as I think I'm a tad over-obsessed, if there is such a thing.
I've been thinking for a good few years about publishing my top 5, or 10, horror films, but it's proven very hard! So instead, for this Halloween, I thought I'd just focus on new watches.
It worked out I had the night off this year, and it was time to re-fresh a personal tradition of mine from my youth - horror film binging!

Now, you have to understand, this binge-watching happened looong before "Netflix and Chill" or "Binging a series" came around. I used to spend a lot on DVD's and VHS's (some of you might remember those!) and I used to love finding a good horror B-movie in the bargain bins! More about that some other time though.

So for Halloween 2016, what did I watch, and was it any good?

Hush, 2016
This film came as a recommendation from this list for being one of the best horrors for 2016. This coupled with the fact it was on Netflix (release straight to Netflix in April 2016), sealed the deal for my first horror watch of the spooky evening.
The story is of a young dead and speech impaired woman who lives alone in a secluded woods - a great start to any horror film! It's not long before some unwelcome visitor leaves us on the edge of our seats for the rest of the film, and taking second glances at windows for the next few... maybe years!
Visually beautifully coloured and directed, and sound wise, the mixture of noises and silence from Maddie's point of ear give us a very good suspension of disbelief that we are living the nightmare with her - a fab homage to the original silent movies. Watch out for the fabulous audio introduction to the story, to tell us she's deaf! A definite watch again!

Most Likely To Die, 2015
This one I found under the Halloween Picks list on Netflix (which is hidden on most of the smat TV apps, but I found it via the Mobile app and then pinned it to my list, before swapping devices).
This is a modern day, and more professional looking slasher horror with some interesting twists. The focus for this high-school reunion themed film is that they'll all die in a relevant-to-their character way. With the tagline "One killer reunion" if you ever needed an acuse to avoid one, you could definitely mention the story to this film!

Wilderness, 2006
This film was one of the 9pm films on the UK Freeview channel, Horror. Featuring the fantastic British actor Sean Pertwee, known for his key role in Gotham as Bruce Wayne's aide, we see him take a group of young offenders to a remote island. This is a modern version on the classic hunter film that misunderstand humans for animals. Some great tension building music and a real-world fear factor with realistic bloody effects! Ever had that dream of being eaten alive by a pack of wolves? Or is your horror falling to your death over a cliff?

And I have to mention two of the other films in the Horror Movies of 2016 list 10 Cloverfield Lane, is a good watch if you're into bio-terrorism or futuristic sci-fi; and the similar release to Hush, Don't Breathe, a great home invasion story, where the homeowner puts up a massive fight (with some great disturbing twists) - not for the faint hearted or easily offended! I hope you had a good Halloween and got to watch some scary movies.

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