December Challenges

So December seems to be the month for people to rush around trying to do all the things on their to-do list that have been there since January, with the vain hope they might get more done that in a usual month. That is stressful! And for too long, I did that too, but I realised a few years ago… in line with a certain starting my own business lark, that it just isn’t possible and promised myself I’d try harder all the year round instead. It’s much less stressful, and planning is KEY!

So for some fun and reflections for December instead of all that rushing around and panic, I’m part of a few challenges instead. I’ve know of these and rather than found them, I think I’ve stumbled upon them over the years, almost as if they were litte hints of what to do next.

So here’s a few challenges I’d suggest you have a go at! You can join in at any point during the month, and forget what you’ve missed and just start with the day you’re on.



This is a challenge run by Susannah Conway which consist of a daily word as a prompt and if you fancy sharing on social media you can join the Facebook Group or just post your photo with the #. It’s also great to read and see other people’s too, I think that there’s something really cool about getting together on a project with people all over the world, for a common goal, to share what they love.





This is great for you journaling folk amongst others. Run by Jen Morris there is a set theme per day to focus on. She suggest you could use this focus for journaling, but also meditation, or anything you feel these can help you focus on. Another way of grounding you back into the now.




This isn’t a challenge you have to share online with anyone if you don’t want to, you can keep it right inside your inbox. Run by Courtney Carver, “31 days of Gifts You Deserve” lets you pay what you feel for the email series, where you get a “gift” each day in your inbox. A time to stop, focus on the gift and have some processing time can be super. I did this last year, and I’m back again for m second year. It serves me as a little reminder every day to keep focused, on target and not wish the month away.


All 3 of these ladies also run other challenges and projects throughout the year you can get involved in, and some I’ve personally done myself. For 2018 I’m joining the “A Simple Year” project.


A Simple Year


“12 months of Guided Simplicity” it promises a theme each month, with a specific leader for the project, some names I recognise and connected with straight away. The first month is a focus on Declutter, so I’m up for that!

The monthly themes are…

  • January – Clutter
  • February – Busyness
  • March – Digital
  • April – Cooking
  • May – Travel
  • June – Mindfulness
  • July – Money
  • August – Self-Care
  • September – Relationships
  • October – Eating
  • November – Gifts
  • December – Gratitude


Initial sign-up seems to have closed, but it says it’ll open again soon, so if you’re interested pop your details in the email box on their website for a notification.


So that what I’m upto now, and the plan for 2018 focusses.

Here’s my photos for #DecemberReflections2017 Come join me! 



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