Fit For Life Programme Begins

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You know when you get back from a holiday where you've relaxed thoroughly, chilled out, drunk amazing mojotos by the beach, become a regular face in the spa and eaten your weight (and more) in amazing local foods? We yep, I did that! And it was all things lovely and relaxing. And at mid-point in the year, a perfect time to just STOP for a few weeks and defrag the brain, declutter the mind and re-connect with ourselves. Can you tell I highly recommend it! 

After all that indugence, it's now time for a healthy life reboot and a new challenge! 

Have you heard of the fit for 30.. fit for 40... fit for 50... plans? Well I'm doing one of those (sort of!) my target is for the end of this year, to get back into the "healthy" range of my bmi, and get my positive healthy mojo back. 


Research says that if you share your target goals with others, and online, that you are more likely to stick to your targets and progress. 

So here's my public share of my target. It'll automatically update as I progress! 



Do you have any tips on loosing weight, how not to eat all-the-things, or healthy alternatives to late night chocolate binges? Then I'd love to hear from you!