Top Halloween Films 2017

After I had lots of fun writing last year’s Films Viewed on Halloween 2016 I really wanted to pull out all the stops this year, and offer a range of suggestions from the earliest Black and White horror “talkies” to some unknown hidden gems of modern cinema. Here’s a list of the films I’ve watched this Halloween week, and I would highly recommend to watch – it doesn’t need to be Halloween to view these beastites!


So lets start with two of the most epic Black and White Horror Films that started the gothic movement of entertainment…

Double Bill – The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920) and Nosferatu (1922)


This I found on Amazon Prime as a combo 2 films in 1 package. These films are lacking in colour but high is scare factor, with some hints to where Dracula films took their cues from later on. Classed as “talkies” they don’t have any speech, only music accompaniment – added years later to the films as this would usually have been played live at the cinema, with some text screens to help you understand the context of the stories. You can only class yourself as a horror fan once you’ve watched these!


Hammer Horror films are always a classic introduction to colour cult classic movies from the 60s, and these two gems were recently aired on the Horror Channel.


Dr Terrors House of Horrors (1965)


Imagine you’re stuck in a shared old fashion carriage on an overnight train, with a weird guy who wants you to pick one of his tarot cards so he can tell your fortune... or how you’ll meet your end.


The Vault of Horror (1973)


Another classic Hammer Horror, this time being stuck in a lift with a group of strangers, all telling their different stories of why they’re there… with a massive twist in the ending!

For all of the Hammer Horror films, the scenery and imagery is truly gothic and beautiful and something you won’t find anywhere else.


Hell House LLC (2015)


So here it is, another B movie horror that looks a bit tacky and has 1 star reviews…. Along with a handful of 10/10 stars! Could this possibly be a brilliant find?! Yes! Very much so. One of the best and scariest found footage horrors I’ve ever watched. The following day I found myself in a basement with a similar feel to it… I switched all the lights on! One to watch with others!


1922 (2017)


This Stephen King adaptation from one of his novella is haunting, beautiful and with a sense of true story about it. Netflix made, they’ve really gone to town on the production values of this one, and it ends up being a good rollercoaster of emotions, if not at a slow pace.


The Babysitter (2017)


This definitely counts as a “teen” cheesy slasher, made this year by Netflix, it’s a gore fest of your people, killing and blood – with a good storyline to keep you wondering what next.


Death Note (2017)


A Netflix remake of a fab series of scary movies, all based around the book “Death Note” where the current owner of the book writes the names of people who they want dead, and how. “Death” is a creepy looking character with bright red pinhole eyes and an obsession with apples.


Jigsaw (2017)


My favourite Halloween cinema visit this year goes to the Saw franchise latest, Jigsaw. Another series of “tests” for the participants, trying their best to confess and survive with as much of their body left as possible. A high energy edge-of-your seat experience, which you can watch as a stand alone film, or as a follow up to the previous Saw films.


Cat’s Eye (1985)


Another Stephen King anthology film, this time from 19xx. The Horror Channel picked a good one in broadcasting this! There are a series of short horror stories, with the key character – the cat – being the link throughout them all. This reminds me of the horror story collections I used to read as a teenagers.


Wow, that's a lot more horror films than I usually get to watch! And I have my eye on some really great horror films coming up in November in the cinema! 

Did you watch any of these? Would you recommend any other?

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to watch a horror!