Top Films for Halloween 2018

When a Stranger Calls (2006)


A “phone-based thriller” goes down in the books as now a cult horror. We follow babysitter Jill Johnson around an overly-techied-up house, as she keeps receiving dodgy phonecalls from a weirdo. An on-the-edge of your seat film, that I definitely shouted at a few times!

The Promise (2017)


A fabulous scary Thai film, this one has English subtitles and is available at the moment to download on Netflix. I love a good international horror, and this did not let me down. The story follows two girls after they promise to do something life-changing together, and one backs out once it’s too late. This has serious consequences that follow her, and her daughter around years later… until her daughters 16th birthday.

The Unborn Child (2011)


As you could guess by the title, this film is not for the faint hearted. This one has kept in my mind months later. Inspired by a true story this Thai film is one for the dark film lovers, currently available to download on Netflix. This one reminds me of Dumplings (that one comes with a warning too!)

Halloween (2018)


My favourite ever horror film series is hands down the Halloween ones. So, to hear early this year that we would be blessed (think eerier word!) with a film of this calibre on Halloween!

I have to admit I’ve not yet seen it, as it only reaches UK cinemas at the end of the month, but this is one I would recommend anyway. We see a 40 year story come to pass with original actors from the first film!


And a few quick mentions for the 2018 releases I’ve enjoyed at our newly revamped cinema with reclining seats!

The latest instalment of the anarchistic series The First Purge, hauntings with Hereditary, a scarily silent movie A Quiet Place (which I don’t recommending taking crunchy food in to watch!) and if you haven’t watched it yet, the reworking of Stephen Kings classic, IT is out on DVD.

What are your favourites to watch on Halloween? Comment below or connect with us on social! 

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