How to have a Quiet Day

After a long day at the office, or travelling around non-stop, it’s a good idea to take some time out, to stop, and pause.

What would people pay to get an hours peace and quiet?

Well, according to a report at in the North West we would pay £188.93 and in London £392.58, with our worse noise distractors being snoring, washing machines and dishwashers and our favourite outdoor spaces to get away from the noise include forests, expanses of water, parks, beaches or allotments.

Peace in the Noise

I LOVE my peace and quiet time. I’ve worked in broadcasting where its non-stop and part of my job was to always be listening to output, so now I very much value a quiet space and time to reflect. So here’s some suggestions of how to make a regular day, that little bit quieter.

Quieting Your Mind

When it comes to planning your day ahead, I am a complete convert! I sued to be one of those that just wrote specific appointments in a desk paper diary (page to a day) and floated through the day with little focus. Then towards the end of the day, the 4pm coffee happened and then the rest of the day was noisy! Noisy and stressful! So to quieten the stress-fuelled brain noise, start the day with a good morning routine and a day plan. I find noting the top 3 things I want to get done for the day, and 1 personal goal really helps me keep more peaceful.

Enlightening the Senses

I like the things of quiet as being a relaxing peaceful environment – I think with practice you can even get this scenario in a room full of screaming children or call centre workers – it’s all in your mindset.


Smell the roses… or lilies

I think relaxing scents in your environment can set the tone. I love fresh lilies in the office. But if you can’t manage that a lovely scented candle can do equally as well.


A Soft Touch

Soft furnishings can help calm the atmosphere – who can resist a comfy looking sofa with some throw cushions and a soft fluffy blanket to curl up in for some relaxing quiet time.


Jazz it Up

One of my favourite ways to relax is listening to some Late Lounge style lounge jazz – this can be a great way to quiet the noise – especially if you can retune the rain to something a little less bass-boppin.


Taste the Difference

You might ask how taste can help with a quiet day – well I think if you can do some mindful eating – eat while doing nothing else – that’s right, no multi-tasking over lunch at your desk, this can help calm your mind and quiet the area round you.


“If you can keep your head when all about you, Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; […] you’ll be a Man, my son!” If, Rudyard Kipling


See What You Can See

It might be as simple as a beautiful bunch of flowers or a few leafy plants on your desk in the office, of you might have the chance to sneak away for your lunch or coffee breaks to somewhere pretty or luscious and be outside with nature. Some of my favourite places are parks, duck ponds and forests, getting back into nature and relaxing and quieting the body and senses all over again.


So on the 14th September, it’s #nationalquietday how will your try and have a quiet one?