Menopause at Work

We've been working hard to reduce the taboo of the Menuapase in the workplace. It should be something we talk about as openly as what to order for lunch or the how good/bad we think the weather is. 

As part of #talkbectu week, a special seminar took place at the BBC about Menopause at Work. 

Here's a collection of useful links to help you have more informed and supportive conversations with your work colleagues, employees, freelancers and other staff. 


An original document from 2013, which serves as a short printable guide - 


BECTU's top 10 tips -


The TUC's Menopause in the workplace toolkit for reps (or anyone wanting to push the conversation and agenda of womens health in the workplace) - 


Downloads from the TUC Wales' including the interim report on Menopause -


Free online e-learning module about Menopause at Work -  (free, but you need to sign up for an account - lots of other useful modules available too!)


You can also find our useful document to womens rights at work at  which includes a reminder of your basic health and safety laws, even if you're a freelancer!