Why #reclaimsocial is needed in 2019

Sadly in 2019, we use social media as a way of complaining, we know if we send a public comment to a big company, they are much more likely to reply that if we were to sit politely in an email que.

In 2005 most people didn’t know what social media was (even though there were some platforms since 1997!), and now in 2019 we see nearly 3.5 billion regularly users using these socials! That’s a lot of content to look at, right?!

So what is #reclaimsocial then?

We came across the concept a few weeks ago so everything has been a bit last minute, but it was just such a great idea, we had to get involved.

The #reclaimsocial campaign is run by Lightful with the strap line “There’s too much negativity on social media nowadays. Let’s reclaim social media for good.” Which I absolutely love!

Why should you care?

I remember around 2009 and 2015 Twitter was my passion, my love, my community, my research, my learning team. I loved being on the social media platforms and connecting and chatting with people from around the world about… well, stuff. Lots of different topics, topical news, issues and different fun stuff. The social was what kept me in the game so long!

In 2019, I still go on Twitter, but it doesn’t feel the same. There’s lots of marketing selling messages, influencer marketing posts and adverts. It feels less… community. And that’s a real shame.

So this #reclaimsocial sounded like a mission I could get behind! So I’m slowly falling back in love with Twitter, seeking out those people who used to love it like I did, and reclaim it back again for positive, caring and fun conversations.

I get it, you’ve heard the news about your data, the horror stories from the Analytica work with Facebook, you see too much of people talking about themselves and their sales pitch… But come join me, let’s try and change the face of social again. Make it a big smiling emjoi!

Alongside the day, it’s also been the momentum to relaunch our DiverseGeeks group. Linking charities and non-profits with geeks, to help and support each other in welcoming environments. We’ll be having a physical meetup in Chorley https://buff.ly/2ERH95v so come join us if you can. Otherwise come join us virtually we’ll be tweeting from @Tech_Geek_Girl, @DiverseGeeks and @DigiEnable most of the day and we’ll be sharing others stories from 6.30pm BST.