Why launch DiverseGeeks?

"Not another geek group" I hear some of you cry, but the simple answer is, I haven't found anywhere that offers what I would want from a strand of meetups or events (geek or otherwise). My passion is about equal opportunities and providing welcoming, supportive and inclusive environments to work and play and learn in, along with learning lots of new stuff (and a wide variety of topics) and geeking out about it.

The reason behind wanting to setup a new initiative is to bring lots of great events and training we are already doing (and plan to do more) under one umbrella that’s easy to identify with. Most geeky groups out there have a specific aim, or a specific target of audience, we want to open up our events to anyone and everyone and be inclusive and supportive for all who attend.

There are lots of great groups out there that cater for geeks and non-geeks but they all have their own unique offer. One of the reasons I did #geeksontour last year, was to personally try and find a group I felt I truly fit into. I'll be honest, the groups were great, but for one reason or another just weren't ticking all my invisible boxes, and from what feedback I heard from others, theirs too. I'll still frequent those groups, they do have lots of merits, but I wanted to offer something different.

DiverseGeeks was born because as DigiEnable, we already run several different events for different groups, but they were all under different brands even though they all ran with the same ethos. Some we founded, and others we worked under another organisations umbrella. We found one group didn't know about the other, so the aim of setting up an umbrella project is hopefully to support each different element with a consistent brand recognition, making it easier for people to understand they're all the same ethos, and environments.

The simple ethos is DiverseGeeks meetups, training and networking has the underlining #giveback or #payitforward to the local communities, charities, non-for-profits and people who need help the most in the area.

I'm really looking forward to the new and exciting projects and events we have planned. It'll bring a positive revamp and boost to @Pluginlancs meetup and introducing a new co-working meetup will hopefully offer something new to the freelancer and remote working community in Preston. We hope to roll it out wider if there is interest and a successful best practice to learn from. I had a feeling 2015 was going to be awesome, and this is just the beginning!

Check out the website at www.diversegeeks.co.uk