Ears Wide Open Project Begins

Partnered with Aunty Social, Korova Arts, Preston FM and Blackpool Victoria, we started the Ears Wide Open project in April.

We were successful with our funding bid to the Community Media Association's Modulate 14 and have already run half of the workshops, in both Preston and Blackpool, at the Korova Arts Cafe and Aunty Social HQ respectively.

You can keep upto date with the project direct via http://www.digienable.co.uk/EarsWideOpen and on here...

The first workshops were "Digital Storytelling" and an introduction to what digital storytelling is and a bit of hands-on practice with the equipment to get a feel for what the project was going to involve.

The second workshops were "Identifying Sounds" which introduced participants to the concepts of sound art and the different types there are within the genre. For example there are sub-genres of Sound Art like Experimental Music, Sound Poetry, Noise Audio, Sound Map, Sound Sculpture, Glitch Audio that all have different styles and models. We also looked at telling stories just with pictures, to get used to the idea of telling a story without narrative.

For this project we are focussing on "Soundscapes" and the final piece will be a collaboration of Preston and Blackpool sound recordings, that the groups will record and edit together. We've already got the groups to pick the sounds they'd like to record that represent the locations to them, and they'll be worked into a single soundscape that will be broadcast on the community radio stations, available online to listen to on-demand, and accessible via listening pods in the Korova Arts Cafe and Charabanc, Aunty Social's arty shop. There's also going to be a nice showcase evening where members of public, family and friends will get to join us for the unveiling of the final soundscape.

The next couple of workshops will be a "Soundwalk" and "Making Soundscape" where the groups will record and edit the sounds. We also plan on recording some interviews with the participants about how they found the project and what they'd like to do in future with their new found skills and inspiration.

You can keep upto date with the project direct via http://www.digienable.co.uk/EarsWideOpen