As you'll know, hand on heart, I'm a geek and I'm passionate about a lot of things!

I've recently signed up as a Neals Yard Remidies (NYR Organic) Independant Consultant, because after many people trying to sell me other products, I realised I've been using NYR products for over 10 years!

So I thought it about time, I should share my passion for the products with the world.

Check out my shop via the menu or at  and if you have any questions, just yell!


Then, as I've been going on my personal CPD (continued Professional Development) journey, I've been coming across some websites with some amazing motiviational offerings. So I want to share some stuff with you too! Some will be free and some will be a pay-for-download. Keen an eye on the website for what comes next! If you have anything you'd like to see with either a productivity or motivational theme, please do let me know!