#GeeksonTour 2015

#geeksontour started back in 2014, with the aim to attend a different geeky type event each month of the year.
In 2015 I managed to complete this again, trying out some new groups too.
Here's the overview of the groups I visited in 2015.

Jan - DiverseGeeks and PluginLancashire
This year we decided to rebrand the free and charity work we do, under one umbrella, so DiverseGeeks was born. We've been running geeky and crafty workshops since 2011 under the name PluginLancs and we've been running Social Media Surgeries since 2012, now all of these will go under the new banner name with the tagline "everyones a geek about something", hinting at the inclusion style we have for anyone to get involved.

Feb - DiverseGeeks Co-Working Meetup
In Feb we started running #coworking meetups for freelancers, charity workers and those who just want a change of office view once a month.

March - TalkUX and Futr Everything
https://www.manchesterdigital.com/events/talk-ux and http://futureeverything.org/
These two conferences were both really awesome, inspiring, and I came away with a wealth of knowledge and a list of things to research up on. Both at the Manchester Town Hall buildings as full day conferences, it was also great to spend time meeting other interesting techie people too.

April - Manchester Open Data, Girls Who Code, Open Gov UK group, Manchester Womens Design Group
Wow, such a lot of events this month. These groups tend to do what they say in the name and the organisers are all really welcoming and knowledgeable in their sectors.

May - Fab Cafe Quiz
This one was a giggle, full of geeks and even a geeky quiz round, this evening runs every Wednesday and costs £1 per person to enter.
A great series of questions, not too hard for the regular quizzer t get involved in.

June - #stoptalkingstartdoing
This is a fab fab one, run by the brilliant Dinal Limbachia, and focusing on Diversity in Tech. The aim of each sessions is rather than just talking about changes that need to be made to make a difference, here's an event that tries to make a difference, however small. The idea is at each meeting you sign yourself to up to do a small action that will help towards the larger goal of better diversity in tech, it could be talking to someone about options of new careers, writing a blog about something technical (which I've done here) or even just inspire a young person to be interested in technology.

July - Digital Leaders NW Salon
Since we won 29th place in the Digital Leaders 100 in 2014, we've been actively involved in the Digital Leaders Salons in the NW. This year I talked at the event in Macclesfield on Digital Inclusion, and had some great conversations around data security, working with the cloud and the pros and cons of technology on today's society.

August - FlockGlobal, London
Now one of the Founding 50 of Flock Global I try and attend these meetings once a month. Focused on making a difference to business with their principles as Collaboration, Knowledge and Action. A great group of people who want to share and help each other around entrepreneurship.

September - SheSaysMcr and GeekGirl Meetup Conference 2015
A local and a national one this month, both for women and both focused around professional business women. I love these types of events as it's less about the difference and more about the work we do. Inspirational!

October - PinkLinkLadies
Not strictly geeky, but a networking group for women business owners who are geeky about doing business and building relationships. I've always hated the idea of women-only networking, but after attending as a guest, I now totally get it. Women want to network differently, putting more of the focus on people and ideas, rather than the hard sell. This is something I'd happily recommend to others. So much so I joined up as a member after my first event.

November - Hackspace Preston
Even though this has been running for over a year now, I've only just managed to make it to one of these because of calendar clashes.
A great group of hackers that currently meet at UCLAN and on this particular meeting as well as talking about 3d printers we also got to play with OpenSCAD for 3d modelling.

December - Social Media Conference 2015
The final one for the year I ended up talking and running a workshop at, but non the less a geeky all day conference. Lots of people in several rooms talking all geeky about online, blogging, content marketing, social media and my theme, digital media.
This conference has now been going a few years and I look forward to next years.