As you'll have guessed I get a lot from inspiring and motivational content - my favourite sort of stuff to read online. Here's my top suggestions...

I'm loving my motivational memes these days (what's new right?) but I' also liking the powerlessness of them on Instagram. Follow me at

Elephant Journal - Yoga, Sustainability, Politics, Spirituality

Bloglovin' is by far my most used app for curating content and has lots of fab motivational stuff on there, along with whatever RSS feeds you choose to add. You can follow my blog via

With thanks to 12StepSoulFoodForTheSpirit Yahoo Group here's a list of interesting, motivational, inspirational and sometimes spiritual writings.
Initially produced for alcoholics anonymous groups in mind, these pages can promote new ideas and help focus the mind, which is a tool anyone can gleam help from.

Food For Thought Meditation

Each Day a New Beginning (Women) Meditation

Touchtones (Men) Meditation

Meditation of the Day

Viking Thought of the Day

Elder's Meditation of the Day

Sober Thought of the Day

Daily Zen

Grapevine Story Today

Daily Motivator

World Of Inspiration