A Party conference that was less than conservative

Conservative to the point at which I spotted several conservatives not only removing their lanyards (well done, some didn't get that security briefing from the looks of things) they also removed their colour coded ties! I get the feeling they didn't want the promo outside of the silver safety barriers.

Outside, between society in Manchester today, stood "anarchists" and protesters that were eager to share their thoughts with the current government party.

I personally don't think I've ever actually seen a tactical unit chief in the real world before today, now I've been sat in traffic alongside, tactical response, armed response and extra units from the stables all for the party conference,

Amongst a series of groups of officers brought in to bump up current security and with snipers up above, it was absolutely worth a mention to the people working in the area, tirelessly, just like any other day.

This week I've seen much more mass of homeless people than normal, and no it's not that I just started looking. I wonder what the current government would like the world to do with these people with no fixed abode on the streets of Manchester right now. Today a few scenes summed it up to me. One Community Support Officer had bought a sandwich for a homeless person who had just been sick all over the pavement. His interest was in the care of the guy, as it absolutely should be, but part of me wondered if there was someone watching that was making sure he wasn't a "threat".

Then a mention for the two regular women who work in the sadly unusually empty Cafe Nero on Oxford Street, right next to the wall of metal. This wall didn't just block out potential political-egggers it also kept light and customers out of a lovely new coffee shop. I wonder if they get compensated for their lack of tips.

Then the work crew still working on their Metro link rails and surrounding roads. Suddenly they've been met with armed response vans parking in front of their railings and a raise in level of security meaning it's taking longer for them to get their regular work patterns done.
We should smile and give a thankyou to these people, not only are they trying to carrying on their working day as normal, but they are what represents what current government seem to not want to support.

This is a great alliance with Sunday's TUC march against the trade union bill. I joined friends and colleagues from BECTU, other trade unions and organisations that wanted to make a big, loud and impactive point that the trade union bill was not welcome.
Basically, if the trade union bill came in, this would actually break the United Nation's human rights to be in a trade union without prejudice and the right to stand up and fight for workers rights and good working conditions.

Just a few observations of how, thankfully some sense of life can go on as normal as the party conference is in town. This proves the point that they may be leading the country, but they are not supporting the majority of the working people. Solidarity people!