Welcome New Beginnings

If you're a returning visitor to my website (first of THANKS!), you'll notice it's gone through a major revamp. [Geek alert] The platform I code the website in is Drupal and I've been using 6 successfully for about 5+ years, I've tweaked it to become more mobile friendly, but I wasn't happy with the way the mobile version looked to be honest. And, as life changes, you change, and so too should your website. So after much faffing, I've finally started a complete fresh with a new website using Drupal 7, which uses mobile themes as standard. So no more threat of dropping down Google when they take mobile ready/first websites in the search rankings. (Yes, that's going to happen soon enough). [Geek alert paused]

So thanks very much for visiting today, exisitng visitor or completely new, thankyou! I'm going to be sharing more about my travels, business and my passions for productivity and peace (that would be an awesome name for a website yeah?!), you'll notice new and more focused categories and themes, and hopefully a cleaner image to enjoy. I've also got a new online shop and freebies section and in the coming months I'm going to launch some productivity helpers for you too!

So after a staggered start to 2017 and not having written much, I'll be looking to share more content with you starting now. 


There are a few pages and bits that need tidying up or finishing off, but please do bear with me, it's on the to do list! (Yes, I love those!)


I'd love to hear your feedback, and now you'll find I also have the option for you to login via your social platforms and leave comments in the blog posts, so please do, I'd love to hear from you!