Tech Review - Palm Pre a Year On

After the review at the 6 months stage, I feel it appropriate to do a 12 month stage review of the Palm Pre too.
It comes at a time when I have just started having calendar syncing issues (again!) There's a lot of groaning, emails to customer services, and lots of useless emails back as you try with no avail to explain that you ACTUALLY know what you are talking about.
So what about the pros first then, it seems more fitting to do that, then finish with the cons and the future dream.

Pros then, include it sending text messages and you can ring people simply, and yes that does sound basic and obvious but it's actually harder than you think to get a smartphone that is easy to use to ring with. The ease of use for calling test, is leave it at my mums for a day by accident, and relay info over the phone on how to answer the phone and then switch it onto silent. It got a good 7/10 for ease of use. The text messaging function has a nice layout and a logical way to track back through a persons previous texts.
Then the apps must be mentioned, both the official and the homebrew versions, there's lots of variety of games, sport, math and data based apps, mainly free and those that are paid-for are reasonable prices.
Info on how-to-homebrew can be found here -
The email function is nice and simple with good options and sync settings, however you can download more patches if you find that you need more choice, the only fiddly thing is the settings if they aren't default.
I use yahoo and here are the details I use to get it to work -
The alarm function is good, however I did very quickly download a paid-for app called Timepiece, that gave you the option to turn off vibrate when the alarm goes off. I found the vibrate sound was louder than the audio playing, and as I wanted to wake up with something like a babbling brook, that needed to be change for me.
The wifi, bluetooth and data functions are great, I very rarely have problems a reboot doesn't solve, however the bluetooth is audio devices only, but to be honest I don't use it that often anyway.
Contacts can come from a variety of sources, including yahoo, google and facebook, but you decided what you want to add or not.

So onto the cons then. Well the obvious one at the moment is the one I'm currently dealing with, calendar Synergy. I have tried a good few tests and from what I can see it's actually not a Palm problem, but it still doesn't work and is getting frustrating after a few days. The problem is where there is an issue, everyone tries to blame others, be it the phone manufacturers, the service provide (i.e o2) or the software/service host (i.e. Yahoo).
However apart from having the same calendar numerous times, that's been the only real issue. At the start there were a loads of updates, and prior to the Palm Pre 2 coming out we were promised an update to 2.0 from the 1.4.5 world ready that I'm on, but hey that's ok.

The blue sky wish then would be to have more support to and from Yahoo, as it's been my long-standing email, calendar and everything for 10 years+ and that it always, without fail, just works! Since I bought the phone Palm has now been bought out by HP, so we will also have to keep an eye on what that means for us poor consumers.