Why being in the Morning Star was so powerful

In May 2015, I attended my second BECTU National conference and AGM. The first time, last year, I spent working for them on their social media feeds. This year, I was a delegate in my own right and managed to stand and speak on three different issues.
The Morning star newspaper reported on the conference, and quoted part of my Facebook page post.
The full post was...
""Today's conference makes me proud to be a trade union activist. Fighting for international issues, equality and workers rights.
It's a rollercoaster of emotions but totally f*~king worth all the hard work. We need to continue to support change and a better future for everyone to live, work and play. This is my productive way of trying to do that. Solidarity to my brothers and sisters at @bectu and @iatse""
The Morning Star article said...
"Liz Hardwick of Bectu’s young members forum says she was “proud” to speak on the issue and to be a trade union activist.
“We need to continue to support change and a better future for everyone to live, work and play,” she said.
And do you know what, that's probably been the catalyst to getting back into my motivated make-a-difference mode.
I have to admit over the past year, there have been many personal and professional hurdles to jump over and I've lost a bit of my enthusiasm for standing up and fighting for what I believe is right. When other people continuously tell you "why bother" "leave it to other people" it does get to you.

But, what more could you need for the positive re-boot, than a conference in rainy peaceful Eastbourne, and a weekend with union brothers and sisters, working in solidarity, to make a difference to the workers and people of this world, and the tiny little island we exist on.
Then, to be quoted in a national newspaper that I respect and admire, even more positive vibes, so thank you, Morning Star.

As you might have seen, I've got a renewed energy and drive to get back on and stand up for people's rights again. Motivation rules!