Talk - So!VolTech11 on behalf of Plug-In-Lancashire

Saturday 19th November 2011 saw the day for #sovoltech11 for Blackpool, organised by AuntySocial.
Liz was there as an attendee, but also delivered a session for Non-For-Profit groups and Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector organisations on behalf of #pluginlancs
More information, copies of the slides and links to the "Top 10 online goodies for NPO and VCFS groups and orgs" can be found at

The run down of the day included talks from John Popham on the Power of Social Media; Joseph Stashko with Hyperlocal and Voluntary Sector; Steven Flowers on Fixing a Leaky Roof with Social Media.
Next up was Gary Copitch talking about Working With Communities to Produce Local Content; Jez Meyers on how Online Connectivity Can Help Organise Events, finishing the day with a set of workshops (including the Plug-In-Lancashire one), Be Good be Social and My Learning Pool and a couple of unconference sessions.
"Coming from both the technical/online and community background it was great to see both disciplines coming together. Each has something to offer the other and it's events like these that help make those initial connections for further support. One thing I found that was overlooked by the day, was the lack of knowledge, or at least mention of community media too. Community media can be another resource VCFS and NPOs can tap in on, but it's knowing about them. More info about the national Community Media Association and their support of community media across the UK, and the world can be found at If you don't know if there are community media centres near you, the CMA will be able to help you out."

Issues covered on the day included the lack of reliable rural broadband, Google Grants, Mobile Donations, Web Analytics and it's uses and using Social Media for 'Meaningful Impact'. There was a great focus to the day that John Popham summed up the best as "you have fantastic stories to tell, please use these tools to tell them." These tools could equally be geeks who volunteer their time to show others how to use these online tools.

“There’s an interesting debate being had at on the Male to Female balance of speakers and involvement at events, worth a read, lots of different opinions and points on there. It’s events like this that help prompt these debates, and that can only be a good thing.”

"It was a fantastic day and it was also great to meet people in person who I've been connected with for a while now online. There's some very positive plans afoot and I look forward to what the future brings for VCFS and NPO organistations and groups linking with more Online and Community Media in the North West."