Time to Spring Clean our Lives and Time

Spring cleaning your home and car, might be a good start, but a recent blog on Elephant Journal made me think about the spring clean of of lives - inside and out.
The blog entitled "12 ways to Spring Clean our Inner Lives", noted the way we spend our days, shows what we have deemed important, and more importantly, if it isn't the way we wish to live our lives, hopefully the impetuous to change.

I've been reading a lot recently about our 'white space' in our lives, what I've been calling for a while 'exist time'. A time to book out in the day to do nothing, have space (white and empty and unplanned) without distractions of digital or tech based. The blog immediately made me think of my need for more white space. And, thinking about what I prioritise my time with.
I talked to a few people recently, and it seems pretty uncommon actually, to give up events and/or people who no longer serve your path, or indeed for me having the right alignments I'm after. I have so little free time, I feel now, I need to use it very wisely, and sadly some things are getting cut, to have space for the white space, and time to spring clean my inner life.
It's also a great methodology for business too, if that networking event isn't working, or bringing you the support, clients or nice people you want, cut it and try something new.

It's actually been an interesting experience, and has opened my eyes to how few people care, or have noticed or been bothered, that I've not attended a variety of things. So, that gut wrenching worry of guilt of not prioritising everything equally has worked out OK after all, and found a few extra nice people along the way who just got it and said hi outside of the context.
In a way this has a lot to do with the first on the top 12 blog list - mindful living. Being more mindful of my time has really opened my eyes to new experiences and actually giving myself some quality me time too.

The other points include extending the mindful living into all parts of our lives (this is totally now on my radar), meditation, utilising positive affirmations (and since a CPD day I've also been learning about afformations too - the next big thing), begin or continue a yoga practice, an all the limbs of yoga with that, not just the movements, create quiet space in our family routines (wip), take time outdoors (yesses! Want to do this more), a one in one out method with our *stuff* including the donate, regift or bin options, focus on gratitude by being thankful for what we have every day (there's an app called Bliss to help with this), make time to laugh every day (well I'm lucky I laugh at myself and life so much, I actually love a good giggle, and happily do most days), and the last two points reallys stood out for me…
Point 11, Nurture the relationships in our lives that nurture us. This totally resonates with me. For what seems like forever my mum has always said I do too much for everyone else but myself, and I guess the Buddhist in me has always thought that's absolutely what we are here for, but after a few burn outs and run down times, I also now support the notion of having to support and take care of yourself before you can take care of others - I guess that's what my mum was trying to get at 20 years or so ago. Removing yourself from toxic people and situations may seem selfish, but with this train of thought, it actually helps you then help others in future. It's also a nod towards helping people and never being able to have anyone to ask for help in return, I don't now think that's selfish, actually more of the same help yourself to help others again. But this element, almost says you need to sometimes prioritise those awesome people that will prioritise you if and when, the time comes you need that support.
12 focusses on committing our time only to essentials - this links back to the prioritising of tasks, people and everything we as humans have to do, but what are your essentials? Then, if they aren't essential, do you delight and love them, or would it be better to say no and do something else that makes your heart sing?

For me this blog came at the perfect time, and hopefully you will delight in it too. For me, I'm going to book in more white space, yes booking it in means it's as important as a work appointment, along with all my other tasks (which I've been doing for a while) and really think about the tasks as essentials or heart and soul worthy; spring clean my physical home, and get started on making this my life, one of a bit more balance. What would you focus on?