Tech Review - The VAMP

It isn't every day you can say you've been nudged off-air by the prime minister, the temporary Labour leader or some big headlining sports story.
Doing my second stint in the "tech team" hotseat for Radio5Live, we were due to review The VAMP.
A great little piece of kit that "transforms any speaker into a portable bluetooth speaker"

So, I thought it a good idea to still do a review, but a more blog-based one instead.

The VAMP is a sleek looking red (or black) plastic box that fits snuggly into the palm of your hand and is simple in it's userbility.
It has a little LED on top of it for reference of "Off" "On" or "Pairing devices" and has a connection for a L-R bare ends from any 'old fashioned' speaker.
I say old fashioned in speech marks, as it seems that's what the cool kidz are saying. Retro speaker cabs are back in. Horrah!

I tried The VAMP with my set of 'old fashioned' Sony speakers from a late 1990's MiniDisc Hifi system - yes, that's how I role. The quality of the audio is somewhat dependent on your device you are playing, and the audio recording you choose, but with my setup, plugged into a beautifully built speaker, it sounded a dream. I tried a range of music styles and it dealt with them all well. The crisp vocals of Nitin Sawhney and the heavy based drums of some Shamanic chanting both dealt with well.

I was however quite disappointed to find out that the 3.5mm jack, was in fact an input. Rather than Bluetooth you can also manually insert a cable to connect your device manually.
I feel The VAMP is totally missing a trick with this not being an output instead. I tried two further speakers systems with jack connections before realising it wasn't an output.
So, in essence, unfortunately, it doesn't "work with any speaker" as it claims, as I have two types at home with jack outputs only, that didn't.

But for 10 hours of playtime, a rechargeable battery via micro USB and their ethos of offering recycled speakers with The VAMP if you need one, all for around £50, it's a pretty lovely deal.

For more info on The VAMP and to buy, check out

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