TechWomen100 Winner!!!

It makes up for all those times I've thought "is it worth it?" "am I making a difference?" or "does anyone even care?"

What a fabulous way to start a Monday morning than to hear the fabulous news that you've been not only supported by clients, peers and other fabulous people by them voting for you, but an organisation has looked at what you do, and found it to to be worthy of a prestigious award. 

Super excited (as you can probably tell) the reality of it is, I'm in the office on my own today, I've started early and pretty much all my evenings this week are taken up with volunteering and events, but you know what, this just gave me the boost I was needing!

So a massive thank you to all of you who voted, supported me throughout this year, and were involved in the projects and campaigns alongside me, this is also for you! 


You can find a list of all the winners at 

Check back soon for a 2018 update!