Top 10 Achievements Project - Feb 2015

So following on from last month's first blog on the Top 10 achievements blogging project, here's the next instalment.
I realised along the way, that this in itself ended up being one of the achievements on the list, I didn't even put down.
So back in February I set some aims and and the idea is these lists will help me focus my goals, and reflect on my achievements each month.
So often most of us end up floating through life and forgetting the amazing things we did. So much of our online presence is about sharing these achievements, but do we look back enough and review how we could do things better next time, or smile at ourselves for the compassion and love we give?

The original post from last month can be found and I'm going to be as honest and open as I can with these, so here goes.
1 - Starting a Meatless Monday routine, to not only help me be healthier, but also better for the environment too! - So this one was probably a #fail. The ethos and the momentum is still there I'll try this again next month. It's been hard to be specific to a Monday, as schedules don't really work like that so I'm going to try a meat-free day a week. Gosh I eat toooo much meat.
2 - Grow a variety of herbs from seeds - I'm so excited about this, my little seedlings have been planted and some have begun to grow and shoot little beautiful beads of life from the soil. I'm hoping to move them outside in the next few weeks, once it gets a bit warmer. I've planted so far Lavender, Chamomile, Chives, Parsley, Basil, Winter Thyme and Rosemary.
3 - Drinking more water (including the new green tea) - well this is going pretty well. I'm trying to take a bottle of water into training sessions, and it automatically give me the opportunity to re-hydrate more. The green tea is going well too, I'm trying hard to get my morning routine, well, a routine. :)
4 - Spending more time outside in the fresh air - this needs drastic improvement. I have however managed a run this month, which was cross-country to say the least, it was lovely to run around the area and breath the fresh air and feel the fine rain on my face. Shame about the cold and rolling winds I was running with though.
5 - Enjoying time in the beautiful surroundings I live in - must try harder! I live in such a beautiful place, but still don't take advantage of the view enough. Even if it's admiring the view more often, I'm going to try this again.
6 - Attend another #geeksontour event - this month was the first ever DiverseGeeks Co-Working meetup. Such a great opportunity to work in a different environment to avoid cabin fever, and to network and chat with like-minded people. I'm hoping this builds into a fantastic regular event we run.
7 - Gain a new client or two - I've been to Cardiff and London this month working for new clients. And, I can safely say it's been *awesome*. I love travelling around and visiting new places, and it's a great motivation to learn new things and start new adventures.
8 - Go for a swim at the gym - I just managed this in the last week of February, I took a few hours out at lunch to go for a swim and steam room at the gym. I'm not a particularly good swimmer but I managed 20 lengths, which I was pretty happy with. I'm hoping to keep this up in future.
9 - Find a fab conference to attend this year - there are lots of great conferences already popping up for the new year, including an excitingly big one I might be lucky enough to even talk at! So far I've seen a Non-for-profit Barcamp in London, McrDig Skills Conference I spoke at in February, and one I'm looking forward to in March, TalkUX.
10 - Enjoy the love and positive vibes February brings - Well, I've tried as best I can. I've attended some interesting meditation sessions at the Buddhist Centre, one about Improving our love for others (a lovely touch on Valentine's day) and the other on Reducing Selfishness. I love learning different ways to look at the world and our relationships in and with it, but sometimes it can bring up ideas, memories and feelings you didn't account for, and that's also made me a bit sad.

Aims for March include...
1 - Meat-free day per week
2 - Practice a (geeky) craft
3 - Do a random act of kindness
4 - Go on a walking trip with a friend somewhere outside and green
5 - Admire the view at least once per day
6 - Attend a new #geeksontour
7 - Learn new skills from our business mentors
8 - Make health and fitness a priority
9 - Stand up and talk about something that makes a difference
10 - Find a new podcast or internet station to listen to

Here's to another top10 month. Why not join me too!
*This months photo is of the Parsley seedlings in mid-Feb - so beautiful don't you think?