Top 10 Achievements Project - Jan 2015

This year I thought I'd try to engage with the Top 10 achievements blogging project. Basically each month you review your Top 10 achievements for the last month and top ten for this upcoming month. It's a great way to focus, share ideas and great for your own personal development. The achievements could be personal, business or otherwise. I think mine will be a definite mixture. A lot of people shared new years resolutions online in January, and there is a use for that if you're going to keep refreshing the ideas and going back and looking at what you said. But several years ago I gave up on new years resolutions for a different approach. I have a list of things I want to do, both large and tiny every day tasks, which I have on one of the front pages of my smart phone. It's a constant reminder of what I want to achieve.
But this year, and we are only just in February, I've added a further list, of things I've learnt along the way, and want to review before potentially adding to this list. So here's the first entry into this years Top 10 Project. I aim to not just list the points, but hopefully share some learning along the way, with an overall theme I've engage with that month.

Sometimes achievements can be hard to define, or share, I found this month. There's lots of things I can look back on and say I'm proud of, or I'm glad I tried. But there are barriers to this project already, some things aren't common knowledge yet, or there's embargoes on the info, or you just don't quite want to mention it in black and white yet, just in case you jinx it in some way. So it was actually quite hard to find 10 achievements for 4 weeks worth of life, but here goes.
1 - I started learning python again - well I've opened up a session with Codecademy, and I never remember the syntax being so simple. It's actually on reflection easier to understand than the transition of learning from Html to Html 5.
2 - I managed to get through the first week of January (and Christmas and New Year) without getting ill - It's become a bit of a tradition of mine to be ill in the holidays, my body seems to just stop and say "ooh time off, we need to be ill and catch up with everyone else" But alas, my body has made up for it since in the last 3 weeks of January. Boo!
3 - Getting up at 6.30am to start a day - This has been a great new routine I'm trying to get used to. The being ill has hindered it quite a bit, but the momentum and want is still there. I realised that getting up this early (about 2 hours for a regular day) gave me space to think, plan, meditate and start the day the way I wanted it to go. I feel a lot more energy from doing this, even though that sounds silly as it actually means less sleep. But I feel like I'm more prepared to attack the day, rather than leaving in a mad rush. Definitely room for improvement on this one though.
4 - Weekly plan first thing Monday morning - This has been epic in helping me focus in such busy weeks. Actually sitting down, looking at my calendar for the week, and scheduling as much stuff as possible - work, life, gym, the lot.
5 - Starting the day with green tea - I felt a lot more energised swapping the regular black coffee for a green tea. I would have a coffee later as I started to flail after 10am, but the whole idea of having a peaceful calming start to the morning, I'm up for!
6 - Being invited to speak at 4 different events and media outlets this month, including internationals - Very exciting! Can't say much more at the moment, but I'm always thrilled to have these amazing opportunity.
7 - Joined the gym in December and have been utilising the gym as much as I can - As I've been ill the past few weeks, I haven't been as much as I've wanted too. But I have enjoyed getting back into the routine and wanting to go. My favourite gym class at the moment is a Les Mills Body Balance session. A mixture of yoga, tai chi and pilates. A more blissful workout experience.
8 - Starting a meditation routine again - I know that when I spend some time meditating I feel infinitely less stressful and more chilled. Since I went to Manjushri retreat last year, I've managed to do at least 5 minutes meditation almost every day.
9 - Then this goes hand in hand with starting back my sessions at the Vajravarahi centre - The first week back was awesome, so many new faces and a great intro session to go back to basics.
10 - Cooking something new - this is one I plan to do each month. This month I tried Florentines, which didn't work out as good as I hoped (or like the picture in the magazine). The sugar didn't melt as planned, so I let it all cool and threw it into some melted chocolate which seemed to save the day. I did a bit of an edit on the recipe and I'd defiantly do it again. It included flaked almonds, dried cranberries (festive recipe) and dried mixed tropical fruit. Seem to go down with with the PrestonGeekup crew.
One of life's lessons - anything can be made better with chocolate!
11 - Ok, so this is one for the year really, I've started (and sofar kept up) my #photo365 project. You can find my photos on Flickr. I've really enjoyed doing this so far, and have got into a habit of trying to pick an image that sums up the events or feelings of my day. I've also connected with some really talented people online too.

Aims for Feb include...
1 - Starting a Meatless Monday routine, to not only help me be healthier, but also better for the environment too!
2 - Grow a variety of herbs from seeds
3 - Drinking more water (including the new green tea)
4 - Spending more time outside in the fresh air
5 - Enjoying time in the beautiful surroundings I live in
6 - Attend another #geeksontour event
7 - Gain a new client or two - suggestions welcome ;-)
8 - Go for a swim at the gym
9 - Find a fab conference to attend this year
10 - Enjoy the love and positive vibes February brings

What would your top 10 achievements be for January?

*Image from and her monthly desktop calendar. So happy she's doing them again this year! :D