Top 10 Achievements Project - March 2015

This month was full of multi-tasking, eating and events. The original post from last month can be found and hopefully is a chunk of monthly motivation for me, but also hopefully can share some ideas, wisdom and know-how too.
Here's to another creative achievable month.

1 - Meat-free day per week - This has been going great, it's been a concious effort to remember to try and plan the week out with food and make sure at least one day has no meat in it. I have to admit I am a real foodie, and it's been a great opportunity to think about a bit more variety.
2 - Practice a (geeky) craft - I've managed a few of these this month. Apparently it's now cool to do colouring in for adults again. There's been a new magazine come out this month called Art Therapy which is all about colouring different pre-printed designs. About two months before this I bought some similar colouring books when I was in Cardiff in an awesome art store that was named after an endangered species. Ahead of the crowd again it seems ;-)
3 - Do a random act of kindness - I've tried, as I always do to be kind to others, including strangers. I found it really hard to pinpoint a special RAOK. I smile at strangers, help people by linking them to others I think might be useful, and I regularly send little articles or motivational photos to some of my close friends that appreciate that type of thing :)
4 - Go on a walking trip with a friend somewhere outside and green - I didn't really manage a walking trip this month, but I did try and do a bit more walking.
5 - Admire the view at least once per day - I've actually really loved this, trying to stop and appreciate the beautiful surroundings around me at least once per day, in such a busy world, it's harder than you think.
6 - Attend a new #geeksontour - This month was TalkUX, a big conference hosted at Manchester Town Hall around the User Experience (a week after we also attended the Futr Everything conference in the same hall). I love being able to listen and digest new information, and especially from others who are so passionate about their work. There was also a TUC Women's Conference in London I attended too! A busy month all round.
7 - Learn new skills from our business mentors - An ongoing one, with no major pearls of wisdom to tell, other than at the moment to one thing is BE ORGANISED!
8 - Make health and fitness a priority - I've decided to carry on the gym membership and make an active choice to improve that part of my lifestyle.
9 - Stand up and talk about something that makes a difference - This month I join two other founders as part of Founders4Schools and went to talk to 15 year olds about how awesome it is to run your own business, but along with being inspiring, being realistic that it's not always an easy ride or easier option for a career.
10 - Find a new podcast or internet station to listen to - I'm loving the Busy Ladies and GeekOnRadio podcasts this month. Nice additions to the long drives playlist!

Aims for April include...
1 -Making fitness and weight loss a priority
2 - Carry on the meat free days
3 - Take a trip somewhere exciting
4 - Declutter and spring clean me
5 - Personal motivational boost
6 - Attend a new #geeksontour
7 - Learn how to make sushi
8 - Have another attempt at swimming
9 - Read more ebooks
10 - Finesse my morning routine

Here's to another top10 month. Why not join me too!