Photo - Twitter - Amie Salmon - Liz Hardwick at BPDCLiz Hardwick is an award winning international speaker and has been speaking at events, large and small since 2011. She is well known in the Digital Tecnology sector and regularly gets re-booked as a speaker for keynotes, talks, workshops, and as a panelist and moderator on panels, or Business, Digital, Technology and Women in Business/Women in Technology. 

A list of her future and past events can be found on the Speaker Events Listings

Some of Liz's Credentials...


Most popular Keynotes at the moment include...

  • SEO: Delivering Success with SEO 
  • Productivity: Top Apps and Processes for Boosting Your Productivity 
  • Email Management: Inbox Karma (Inbox Zero and Other Processes for Email Change)
  • Social Media : Conversations not Broadcast

Suitable for audiences including Corporate, SMEs, Non-Profits and MeetUp groups, Nationally and Internationally. Liz is comfortable speaking to audiences from 10 to 2000+ and is a member of the UK's Professional Speaking Association and Global Speakers Federation.

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